Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday, March 7th

Important: We have had a water leak outside my office between the two buildings.  There is no water in bldg. B this morning.  Ther workman have been here since 6:30.  We hope to have this resolved today.  In the meantime, use bathrooms by media and art centers.  Thank you for your understanding.  Please reiterate to the students that they need to be very frugal with soap, paper towels and toilet tissue.  I have just placed an order and we are very low.  Our budget has already been spent.  Please supervise.

TORNADO DRILL this morning at 9:30. Review directions again with students.

As part of our TITLE I Needs Assessment, we are sending out surveys to 4th and 5th grade students.  Please take some time to explain survey to students and let them fill them out in class.  You might want to do them together. Collect them and when completed, put your name on them and then put them in my box outside of my door.  The parent surveys will go home next Tuesday. Collect them as they come in.  Please fill out the teacher surveys as honestly as you possibly can and return those to my box as well. They can be anonymous:)  Thank you for all you do.  You are the best!

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