Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013



Demystifying Common Formative Assessments-I thought this information might be helpful to you as you plan your CFAs.......Velvet shared these with us at our last meeting. Let me know what you think:) I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

  • A common formative assessment is given by all teachers
  • It provides data to the teachers to inform planning
  • The purpose of a CFA is to tell us where the kids are along the journey to learning capacity
  • Provides diagnostic information for feedback to be given to students
  • An effective assessment is one in which teachers collaboratively discuss analyzed standard and design an assessment
  • CFAs should ideally occur weekly but every 3 weeks minimally
  • Weekly administration of CFAs typically provide optimal results and increase student achievement
  • CFAs should not be pages and pages or in excess of 25 problems/3-4 items per standard are sufficient
  • It is critical to give students feedback/Keep kids informed/Make any necessary changes in instruction
  • Don't wait until the end of the unit before you give an assessment
  • Assessments should be a blend of Item Types

Welcome LTFs-They will utilize Room 200 today from 2-6:00

Report Cards due to administrators this afternoon:)

Have a wonderful day!

January 23, 2013

Good Morning! It is a cold brisk day, so be sure to keep warm today.  Happy Birthday Jenny Jacobs!  UNCG Interns are here today:)

Family Affairs....

Mr. Gilliam is home from the hospital and recovering. Mrs. Gillliam will be out this week helping him recuperate.
Mr. T. will have surgery this week to help with his pain. He will be out about 4 weeks.
Mrs. Crookshank and Joanna came by yesterday to say Hi to all.  Brooke is still bandaged up from her fall and many other staff members have had or have one form or another of the stomach flu or respiratory infection.  Dr. Madison is also out sick today.
Please keep all these families in your thoughts and prayers as they are truly needed and appreciated.  Everyone else, follow Nurse Hall's advice and continuously wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. It does help cut down on germs being spread.


We have asked "School Pictures" (our picture company) if they would make new ID badges for us and they have agreed. They should be here shortly. There will be badges for those who had their individual pictures made. This will be a big help to us.

Report Cards....

Remember to let Mrs. Brown know when you are ready to have your report cards run. Please read over them carefully so we can catch errors and not have to print them twice. I truly appreciate your help and attention to details. Please give k/1/2 to Cannon in a folder with your name and grade and 3/4/5 to Ms. Frazier in a folder as well. Report cards are due to us tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Welcome Interns!

Welcome UNCG Interns. We are so glad you are here.  We wish you the best of luck in yourn academic endeavors.  If you have a question, please just ask any of us, we will be happy to help in any way we can.

Family Affairs Update:

Good News! I spoke with Mrs. Gilliam this morning. Greg is doing better and has been moved to the second floor. He is showing signs of improvement. She would like us to continue to pray for him. She wants you all to know how much she appreciates the cards, calls and emails. She loves her school family as we all do:)

Mrs. Martinez is out sick today, please keep her in your thoughts today along with many other staff members who are either getting over or getting colds/respiratory illnesses. 

Nurse Hall Recommendation:

Please be sure to wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer to ward off the spread of germs. Encourage your students to do the same thing.

Peer Evaluations:

If you need to have a Peer McRel Evaluation, please let me know when you have completed it. Be sure you and your peer evaluator meet to discuss it. I do not need to be in on that conference. Be sure you both sign off. Remember that there is a deadline.


Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Tuesday!!!!

IC Meeting...

Thank you to Shakila Faqih, April Washburn, Cheryl Frazier and Danielle Friel for showing impressive leadership at our Instuctional Coaches Meeting yesterday. They displayed confidence and knowledge when describing common core, our tutoring program and our assessments. Dr. Martin, Steve Oates, Ken Simington, Janie Costello and many other program managers were present. I am so very proud of them. Our meeting went very well and I believe the teachers present painted an accurate picture of a challenging common core integration which we are all working through and learning together. Thanks ladies for a job well done!

Committee Meetings...No Star 3,

Please share your agendas with me via email on Wednesday.

Family Affairs Update...

Continue to pray and keep Mr. and Mrs. Gilliam in your prayers. He is in Intermediate Intensive Care at Forsyth Hospital.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Monday, January 14th and Tuesday, January 15th

It's a Brand New Week full of Possibility......

Happy Monday! I hope you like the graphic above. It is so very true. You are all angels. I would like you all to reflect on our very first faculty meeting when we talked about "state of mind". Your ability to be positive when things get challenging is so very important to your colleagues and most importantly, to the students.  You all are working hard, learning new things, challenging yourselves and learning new ways to teach. The new curriculum has enabled us to experiment and explore. Things will get easier as we navigate through this year. We need to support each other, be kind to one another and remember that we are a "family". We are in this together and we will learn and succeed together. We have our school family but you also have your own families. You are raising children, taking care of parents, spouses, significant others and being good friends and neighbors. That is hard work on top of all you do here. Everyone and every job in this school is important and valuable. Our working together, treating each other with respect, compassion, kindness and empathy will go a long way. Celebrate each other and especially our children. They are working hard and gaining confidence as you praise them and make them feel valuable.   Thank you all for being there for our kids and going above and beyond the call of duty.

Happy Birthday this week to Mrs. Perry on 1/16 and Sidonna Brown on the 17th!

Instructional Coaches Meeting Today at 3:30

Our Asst. Superintendent-Steve Oates, Ken Simington, District Program Managers and our Instructional Coaches will meet to discuss our progress this afternoon in Room 200.  Mr. Oates will also be here next week, Jan. 24 in the morning. He will most likely tour the building. Please make sure your schedules are posted, EQs up and plans available.

Bulletin Boards.....

Please make sure that you follow the bulletin board schedules and are current with your board. I have seen some great boards. Thank you for your attention to your boards to make sure that they are meaningful and relevant.


Zone Tours Continue...

We have had many people "on tour" and will continue to do so this week as well. At last count, we had about 40 families fill out magnet applications. This is terrific! This is a tribute to you all and your hard work!

Moment of Silence and Pledge of Allegiance... School Board Policy 6115

Please make sure that all children observe the moment of silence. 


  • Our new interns from UNCG will be starting this week on Wednesday. Remember that they will be here from 7:30-2:50 on Wednesdays and Fridays from 12:00-2:50. Thank you OSTES!
  • We will be hosting 3 Interns from Forsyth Tech. There will be three. One in k,1,2. 
  • Ms. Farthing is also acting as a cooperating teacher to mentor a WSSU music major! Please introduce yourself to him.
  • No Star 3 meeting tomorrow but tomorrow afternoon is Committee Meeting Day. Committee Chairs, please make your members aware of your meeting. Please send me a copy of your agenda.
  • I will host an Elementary Principal's PLC on Wednesday, January 16th from 7:30-9:00.
  • End of the quarter is January 18th.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday and Friday January 10 and 11th

Great Job with Lockdown Drill

Now more than ever, it is so important to practice our drills so it becomes second nature.  Great job today!  The only feedback I have is to make sure your green cards are out.  Other than that and one unlocked door, everything was very well done.  Our students took the drill very seriously and I am proud of all of you.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good Morning!  I would like to thank Cheryl Frazier and the entire office staff includingMrs. Brown, Ms. Kennedy, Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. Wolfe, Ms. Studevent, Mrs. Hall and Ms. Barger for a job well done during yesterday's unfortunate lockdown.  Thank you for responding quickly and keeping our students safe.  Our principal's meeting yesterday dealt a lot with safety so I will be sending you some information today.  I am very proud of the way you all handled yourselves.  Remember, that we do have a lockdown drill scheduled for this Thursday.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

It is a Brand New Week! Monday and Tuesday 1/7 and 1/8


Thank you to the Arts Team: Mr. Powelson, Mrs. Gordon, Miss Stevenson, Mr. Sumners, Ms. Farthing and Mr. McNeil, Mrs. Uhrig for planning, implementing and pulling off an incredible performance by our students.  I know I always say this but it is so true.  Our children were wonderful and very polished.  I am so proud of all of them.  These performances don't just happen.  It takes a lot of planning and behinds the scene work to execute such a flawless event. These teachers deserve a lot of credit, especially in light of the incredible "Nutcracker" performance.  I would also like to say thanks to all of the teachers who came out to help at school and at the booth: I hope I remember everyone, if not, let me know please.  I was very engaged with parents and might of missed a few.
  • Mrs. Lizarazo and Family:)
  • Ms. Green
  • Ms. Frazier
  • Ms. Wynns
  • Mr. Stover
  • Ms. Magness
  • Dr. Madison
  • Jacqueline Pullen
  • Linda Studevent
  • Steven Friel
  • Connie
  • Cassandra Dobson

Services for Mr. Crookshank:

The services for Mr. Crookshank will be held this afternoon  at 11:00 at Our Lady of Mercy Church, with gravesite services following.  If you are reading this on Sunday then there will be services at Hayworth-Miller on Silas Creek Parkway from 6:00-8:00.     Liz and Joanna will really need us. I will speak with her but after she gets settled, she may need us to do meals or giftcards for meals so they needn't worry about meals.  I will keep you posted.      
Mrs. Hayes celebrated her birthday on Saturday! Hope her day was great! 

Congratulations are in order to the new Mrs. Secrest (Miss Hemingway) and the newly engaged Stephanie Dulin!  Congrats to both!  Katie should be back with us on January 22nd.  There are lots of January birthdays that I have posted earlier.

Items of Interest:

1/7-Cheryl and Gloria out all day/Cannon to services for Mr. Crookshank/Salem Academy Volunt.
1/8-Cannon to Joint Principal's MTg. and Title I Principals's Mtg. & Faculty Mtg. 3:10./Progress Reports go home as well.
1/9-Cannon to LEA Training for EC afterschool
1/10-Lock-Down Drill 10:00 BE SURE TO REVIEW WITH STUDENTS!
1/14-Instructional Coordinator's Mtg. 3:30 Room 200.
1/15-Committee Mtgs./No Star 3.
1/16-Happy Birthday Mrs. Perry!
1/17-Elementary Principal's Meeting 7:30am and Happy Birthday Sidonna Brown!
1/18-End of Quarter 2
1/21-MLK Holiday
1/22-RS Day We will have part 2 Lesson Plan Acquisition training in the morning and you can work in your classrooms in the afternoon. Report cards due to Audrey today at 1:00 & administrators tomorrow.
1/23-Happy Birthday Jenny Jacobs!
1/25-There will be an assembly to kick off Jump Rope for Heart 1:30/We will have Mineral Springs visit.
1/29-Report cards go home.
Cannon will read k/1/2 this quarter and Frazier will read 3-5.

Math Curriculum Night-January 31

There will be two sessions as you requested so parents have the opportunity to attend more than one session.  Session 1-6:00-6:30 and Session 2-6:40-7:10.  Put together a hands-on math activity or game aligned with a math core curriculum objective.  A make and take activity would be very beneficial for the parents and students.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Good Morning!  Welcome to Friday. 

You might have noticed some W-S Police Officers walking through our building yesterday.  They have been visiting all of the schools in the district.  You may see them on and off throughout the year.

Kim Underwood, former writer for the Journal and current Communications Specialist with WSFCS is writing a story about several Magnet Schools and we were amongst schools he chose to interview.  He was here on Wednesday and Thursday. He came to see the WDLE news on Thursday.  We hope to attract many new students at Saturday's Magnet Fair.  Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to participate and help out with students and/or the booth. We appreciate your taking the time to support and promote our great school! The Arts Team has been working hard practicing for yet another extravaganza.  Two performances back to back is a real challenge:) but they make it look so easy.

Happy Birthday to Gail Hayes who will be celebrating on Saturday!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I wanted to give you Mrs. Crookshank's address if you would like to send your condolences.  Her address is 336 Worthland Rd. Winston-Salem, NC 27103.  There will be a visitation on Sunday night at Hayworth Miller on Silas Creek Parkway from 6-8.  The funeral service will be held at Our Lady of Mercy at 11:00 on Monday.  This is all the information I have as of now.  Please continue to keep Liz and her family in your prayers. 

Happy Birthday to Mr. Holmes!!

Our second Curriculum Night of the year is on our calendar for January 31.  As you requested, we will hold two sessions so that parents are able to attend either session if there are siblings.  The first session will be from 6:00-6:30 and the second session from 6:40 to 7:10.  There is 10 minutes built in for travel time.  Remember our focus is on Math. Please plan a hands-on activity in which the parents can learn about a common core objective or strategy as their children do.  You could also plan centers or games, etc.. that teach the objectives. You may be as creative as you like.  Each grade level teacher will host the parents of their homeroom children, with the exception of fifth grade as they team teach. I will ask Mrs. Pubantz to create a flier to send home to parents and we will put out an Alert-Now closer to the date.  The class with the highest attendance on each grade level will win a prize TBD.  Make sure you have a sign-in sheet.

Mrs. Kennedy will be working with grade chairs to schedule your two 1/2 day planning days. We will schedule two grade levels a day so that we can use one sub.  If grade chairs want to work together and come up with a common day to share, see Ms. Kennedy and she will check the date for approval.  Each grade level will get two 1/2 days for planning to be taken before Spring Break.

We will have two drills coming up.  The first will be a lock-Down Drill which will be held on January 10th at 1:00.  This drill is announced but we will hold others where there is no prior notice.  Please review the procedures for lock-down with your children.  The second drill will be held later this month.  It will be a fire drill in which we block some of the exits.  They will be clearly marked: Do NOT Enter or there will be cones in front of the door. You will need to orderly take your students to the closest available exit.  It is good practice for the students to have a drill in which their routine is changed. 

I hope you have a great day. You are so important to our students.  Many of them told me today that they couldn't wait for the break to end so that they could come back to school. You all are the reason. Thank you for caring about our children and for your dedication.

WELCOME Aria Johnson!

We are very pleased to welcome Miss Aria Johnson to Grade 2.  Aria just graduated in December.  She has a Bachelors in Elementary Education and a minor in Music.  I know you will give her a big Diggs-Latham Welcome.

Welcome Back! January 2, 2013

Tuesday-January 2, 2013........Good Morning!

  • Please keep Liz Crookshank and her family in your prayers today. I will keep you posted on any details concerning arrangements. Let's pull together and help Liz through this very difficult time.
  • Magnet Fair Walkthrough today for Cannon at Benton Convention Center. Remember that the Magnet Fair is this Saturday from 10-2.  Please stop by as we do need to volunteers to help us talk to prospective students.  See John if you would like to volunteer. Tours will also be going on this month throughout our school and all the magnet schools in the district. We know to put our best foot forward.  Please do keep an eye out for visitors passes being displayed.  If you see someone without a pass escort them to the office immediately or call the office so we can take care of it.
  • Happy Birthday to Jimmie Holmes (1/3 and Gail Hayes 1/5) this week!!!
  • Mrs. Pubantz is at a Curriculum Coordinator's Meeting all day today.
  • We will have a Lockdown Drill on the 10th.
  • We have some interns and substitutes in the building today so help them out as needed,