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Demystifying Common Formative Assessments-I thought this information might be helpful to you as you plan your CFAs.......Velvet shared these with us at our last meeting. Let me know what you think:) I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

  • A common formative assessment is given by all teachers
  • It provides data to the teachers to inform planning
  • The purpose of a CFA is to tell us where the kids are along the journey to learning capacity
  • Provides diagnostic information for feedback to be given to students
  • An effective assessment is one in which teachers collaboratively discuss analyzed standard and design an assessment
  • CFAs should ideally occur weekly but every 3 weeks minimally
  • Weekly administration of CFAs typically provide optimal results and increase student achievement
  • CFAs should not be pages and pages or in excess of 25 problems/3-4 items per standard are sufficient
  • It is critical to give students feedback/Keep kids informed/Make any necessary changes in instruction
  • Don't wait until the end of the unit before you give an assessment
  • Assessments should be a blend of Item Types

Welcome LTFs-They will utilize Room 200 today from 2-6:00

Report Cards due to administrators this afternoon:)

Have a wonderful day!

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