Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Friday!

Can you tell I am getting into the holiday spirit?

Today will be a very busy day.  It is the last day of our UNCG Interns. We will truly miss them as they have been a wonderful asset to our school.  We will get a brand new group of interns in January. Today will  be Awards Day.  We will call classes this afternoon.  All Choice Boards should be up and operating today.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thursday, November 29th

Good Morning!  I miss you all.

  • I am learning a lot about EVAAS and its impact.   Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, November 28th

Good Morning! Items of Interest and Importance:

  • Ms. Frazier is at an AP Meeting this morning and will return around noon.
  • I am here till 9:15 and then will be heading to Raleigh for an EVAAS Training. I will return tomorrow evening.
  • The Classified Employee of the Year has been determined and we will make the announcement at Friday's Awards Day Celebration. Congratulations to all the nominees!!!! We are so proud of ALL our employees.
  • Please remember that your Choice Board should be up by Friday.
  • Please monitor bathrooms carefully.  Kids are making stops before, after, and in between classes. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

  • OSTE Meeting this afternoon in Room 200.  No SIT Mtg.
  • The nominees for Classified Employees will be listed on Survey Monkey.  Please choose one.  The employee with the most votes will represent us as our Classified Employee of the Year.  Please vote by 3:00.  Congratulations to all the nominees.  All of our classified employees are fabulous!! Thanks for all you do.
  • We have several subs in the building this morning so help out when you can:)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Administrators "Holiday Days!"

In order to show appreciation for all you do, Cheryl and I would like to once again celebrate you by holding the "Administrator's Holidays".  You can look forward to:

December 18th-Hot Chocolate with all the fixins! Marshmallows, whipped cream, candy canes
December 19th-Reindeer Mix- a delightful mix of sweet and salty!
December 20th-Breakfast Treats!!!!

We truly appreciate your dedication and hard work.  You are the best faculty ever. Thank you so much.

Reminder: Classified Employee Nominations due by 3:00 Today

November 26, 2012


Welcome Back!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their time off and had a chance to make some great memories with your families and friends.  The time went by so quickly!

Notes of Interest:

  • Our UNCG Intern's last day will be this Friday. We will miss them.  They have contributed a lot to our school. They will be interning at a new school and we will be getting new interns in return.  Please be sure to thank them for their service to our school!
  • Remember that everyone should have their Choice Board up and in use by Friday 11/30.  If you need assistance, let us know.  We will be happy to help.
  •  There will be no SIT Meeting on Tuesday as Barbie will meet with OSTEs afterschool.
  • First Quarter Awards Assembly will be Friday at 1:30.  You should have already sent pertinent information to Mrs. Uhrig as she is finalizing the program.
  • A huge Thank You to Judy Uhrig for her help, knowledge and expertise in putting together the Animodo that was presented at last week's Magnet School's Principal's Meeting.  We also did a powerpoint spotlighting our community and parental involvement.  It was awesome!  Our feedback was very positive. Also, thank you John for your technical operations skills. I appreciate you both.
  • Thank you for the great job in completing November's Fire Drill. We were out of the building in approx. 2 minutes.  Way to go team!
  • Our SIT Chair, Shakila Faqih and myself will represent our school this afternoon at the Koury Center in GSO at the Ready  Schools Regional Outreach Meeting. Each school in the region will be represented, June Atkinson will speak.
  • Class Spelling Bees should be held on Wednesday for grades 3/4/5.
  • If you have not sent me a copy of your grade level's first quarter newsletter, please do so today.
  • Be looking for an email concerning Peer Evaluations.



Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday and Tuesday November 19th and 20th


Charitable Affairs:)

Quilla Smith from Good News Club has placed some boxes decorated like Turkeys in the office. Her organization is collecting canned goods and food for some needy families for Thanksgiving.  Please try to bring an item to add to the boxes tomorrow if you are able.  She would appreciate it.

Secondly, Home Moravian is helping us by buying food to make up about 150 food bags to be given to families on the night of our Holiday Musical.  In the bags will be pasta, sauce, canned vegetables, sweet potatoes, rice, beans, etc...We need volunteers on December 10th to help us fill the bags.  The more help we have the faster it will go. We will do this on the stage and then move the bags to the side or in a room so they will be out of the way of the production.  Please help if you can.  This is very generous of Home Moravian.  They wanted to help in some way to provide food during the holidays for our families.  Sue Mercier (UNCG) and Mr. Hairston (Time Warner Cable) gave gift cards and cash to purchase some coats for needy children.  I was able to purchase 4 coats, 4 pairs of gloves and 4 hats and some underwear for the clothes closet.  I purchased the coats in two sizes.  If you know of a child who does not have a coat, please let me know. Summit School Students in 6th and 7th grade would like to come over and read to the students in the lower grades. I will send that date out soon.  We will also be having students  from a local Baptist Elementary donating items for our spare clothes closet!  Hooray!

As you know the residents of Staten Island NY suffered great loss during Hurricane Sandy.  Dr. Martin would like for each school to pitch in and help if we can.  Several elementary schools are going to be sending school supplies to a specific elementary school in Staten Island.  If you would like to help, please bring in school supplies next week by Friday (box in the office) and I will get them to a volunteer who will take them along with donations from other elementary schools to Staten Island.  This particular school was hit hard and lost a lot. The elementary school is Dongan Hill Elementary School.  Let's Help:)

Classified Employees

Remember to take your 15 minutes before and after school to cover your one hour for the Thanksgiving Recess.


Our Diggs-Latham office will be closed on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
The Administration and Office Staff hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving recess filled with family, food, and a little fun!!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Friday!

Wow, this has been a very busy week! 

Class Spelling Bees:

Class spelling bees should be held on or before Wed. Nov. 28th. Please forward the name of the winner and the first alternate to Gloria P. Class winners will compete in our school bee on Friday, December 14th at 9:30 am.  Remember that the bee is for students in grades 3/4/5.


What a great professional development we had with Barbie and Connie on Tuesday.  It was great learning about Differentiation Techniques that we can begin using immediately.  In light of that I have sent you all an email and I have talked to 3/4/5 grade teachers at their data meetings about Choice Boards.  My email is very detailed and tell you everything you need to know.  Each classroom teacher and specialist are required to have a choice board up in their room by November 30th.  Our Differentiation Committee will be sending you a list of examples.  Connie and Barbie are also willing to assist as am I if you have questions and/or need help.  They do not need to be fancy or cutesy, unless you want them to be!  That is not the point. The point is to tie it in to your core content objectives.  Your board can represent any subject.  It can also be up on Promethean board and manipulated by the children.  We will take pictures of your boards to stream on the tv. Choice Boards are not busy work that have no connection to common core.  Thanks for getting your feet wet with Differentiation.  You are encouraged to have as many boards as you wish!  I am proud of you all as we learn together:)

Important Information:

We will have a Fire Drill on Monday in the afternoon.  COGAT testing is complete.  Thanks Team for a job well done!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Wednesday!!!

Happy Wednesday! Thank you for doing such an excellent job on your report cards.  Please follow through with conferences as needed.  Remember that Ms. Barger and Dr. Madison can assist with transportation, just give them ample time.

We have put a copy machine in the office in Bldg. B.  We are hoping that this will be of assistance to you.  However, you must be trained on the use of the copier.  Ms. Kennedy will send out an email asking grade levels, ESL, etc... when you would like to be trained.  After training, you may begin to use the copier.  Please be mindful that paper is at a minimum so be frugal and deliberate about what you are copying. 

Please remind students that the WFU Science Fair Workshop is this Saturday.  This is for students that came to Workshop 1.  A parent or guardian needs to attend with the child.

There will be a Differentiation Team Mtg. for those teachers who attended the UVA conference this afternoon at 3:15 in the conference room/main offiice.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Welcome Back!

Today is Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and took time to relax and recharge. I would once again like to thank everyone involved with our Veteran's Day Celebration. It was very moving and appreciated by all. Thank you for doing such a great job on your report cards. I have placed them in your boxes for you to pick up. Just a reminder to be sure to check your report cards before you turn them in to make sure they are complete.  We inadvertently had some grades left off and it is impossible to get back in to fix them without the help of our Data Manager.  I have sent you out a copy of the Faculty Meeting Agenda for today as well as the new Classroom Walk-Through Schedule.  You will have the opportunity to meet our Star 3 Observer, Ms. Mickey this afternoon at our faculty meeting.  She is bi-lingual:) We will continue with Differentiation Training so please be on time as we have a full agenda.  Report Cards will go home today.  Classified Employee of the Year Application process will close next week, so I need feedback as to how you would like to proceed with the process. I can give you the link to the application OR we can begin a tradition where we choose our Classified Employee of the Year and send that name forward to the district. The process would be similar to our TOY process which will be held in December. Mrs. Hayes has already sent this information out to you and is awaiting feedback.
ITBS Testing will begin tomorrow.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday-Wednesday Blog November 5-9

Happy Monday-Wednesday!  Just thought I would consolidate the blog since people are in and out for workshops, conferences, etc...

  • John Powelson, Kristy Reece, Mary Tarleton, Gwen Wolfe-NOVEMBER 5th  WOW!
  • Brooke Hough-November 6
  • Susan Ingram-November 7th
  • Elizabeth Florez-November 14th
  • Liz Crookshank-Nov. 22
  • Nohora Martiniz-Nov. 25th
  • Vicky Beaver-Nov. 26

SIP Review-Please make sure that you add to the Action Steps that are in Room 200. There are many great things you do that we need to bring to light plus this also helps you to reinforce SIP Goals.  Thank you so much for your important feedback.  We need every grade level and specialists and Assistants and PRTs, ESL, etc....

Magnet Fair is fast approaching. The Arts Team is working on a rehearsal schedule to get kids ready for the January 5th performance.  Of course, they are also working

Congratulations are in order to our 5th Grade Team for EXCEEDING Expected Growth in EVAAS in Math!!! Way to Go Team!

Congratulations to Julissa Knight/Star 3 Teacher Leader whose name was drawn to attend the Star 3 Leadership Trip to the Ron Clark Academy on November 16th.  I am so excited about what she will bring back to share with us!  Have fun Julissa!

The Hospitality Comm. would like to remind you to join.  They do wonderful things for our staff.

Please be sure to contribute to the United Way,  We are all touched by them in some way.  They help our students in a number of ways. No amount is too small. Let's see if we can get 100% participation.  I challenge all the administrative interns in the building to help Kristy and Sidonna to find creative ways so we can meet and exceed our goal!

Our PTA Council Dinner to honor Teachers of the Year will be this Thursday evening at 6:30 in Clemmons. Mr. Friel will represent Diggs-Latham. We are so proud of him.

The 2nd WFU Science Fair Workshop will be held on November 17th (Saturday) from 10-12. Remind your students who attended the first session.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012


Just a reminder that Diggs-Latham is a voting site.  The voting equipment will be delivered on Monday, November 5th at 11:36.  Voting will take place in the Toyota Literacy Room.

Classified Employees

Please see the email from Mrs. Perry giving you information about the one hour off you have before Veteran's Day.

RC Day -

By now, we should have touched based with everyone concerning where you will be for the RC Day.  It is  non-negotiable via the district administration that all teachers participate in Professional Development on the RC Day. There will be writing professional development held here as well. 

RS Day Conferences

Many of you have done a great job scheduling your parent conferences.  Remember, that are required to conference via phone or in person with all parents.  Our social worker and home school coordinators can help with transportation if needed.  You also have some flexibility in getting conferences done throughout next week.  I will work with you, therefore, if you can work your regular hours or whatever hours suit your conference schedule needs for Monday.It is an RS day so if you have conferences covered you may take off.