Monday, May 27, 2013

May 28-31st

Welcome Back!  It is EOG Week:) 

Important: Due to the fact that we have a retiree reception at Central office, magnet reception, Board of Ed. Mtg., and you all are very busy getting ready for EOGs, and working on required paperwork I have decided to cancel this afternoon's SIT Mtg.  I would like to reschedule it for next week, so we can get a final draft of our plan completed. It will be one less thing we will have to have completed at the start of the year. 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and was able to rest and relax for what surely will be a busy race to the end of school. As always, please remember to turn your plans in, keep students on as normal a schedule as is possible with testing, etc.. and supervise bathrooms, hallways and playground.

Thank you so much to all of you that turned in your survey and budget request email concerning software and scholastic and weekly reader. Even though the survey is optional, it helps us plan and gives you a voice in utilizing our budget effectively.  You can still get it to me this week.

Please remind your students in grades 3-5, how very important it is for them to be on time this week. We have sent the message to parents in a number of ways as well.  Students in pre-k-2 should be reminded to adhere to the "Zero" level in hallways, bathrooms, common areas, etc... especially during testing. We appreciate your support.  Progress reports go home today. I have a Title I Budget Meeting today as well.  This afternoon there will be a reception for retirees at 3:30, a magnet fair reception and then a Board Meeting in which all
Promise Award Nominees will be honored including our own, Allison Sechrist. We are very proud of her. I am proud of all of our new first year teachers, they have all been exceptional.

Thank you to Ms. Wynns and her team for all the work that went into the Clean and Green Application Process.  We did get recognized!!!!!

Thank you to Barbie, Kate and Connie for their continuous efforts in the book room. It is awesome. This is very tedious and time-consuming work. I know for a fact that Barbie has spent days and days and days in there working for us.  Please let all these ladies know that you appreciate their efforts:) 

The new Bike Rack has been installed and is ready for use. Thank Mr. Shorer for putting it together and Anthony for bolting it down for us. Children who utilize it will need to bring their own locks. Thank you PTA and Home Moravian:)

Our Eagle Scout worked this weekend on the US Map on the bus lot so check it out today!

Lastly, thank you to Mrs. Pubantz and everyone of you for getting us to this point in which we are prepared to test. A lot of work goes into the test plan and securing volunteer proctors and scheduling, etc... I thank all of you for your hard work.

Mrs. Faqih will have her surgery this Thursday, not sure what time yet.  I will keep you posted. Please keep her in your prayers.

Continued prayers please for Mrs. Hopson and her family, Ms. Farthing's mom, Mrs. Winsor-Porter, Mrs. Faqih, and Mrs. Crookshank. Ms. Reece is experiencing some health problems as well and will need our support. Hugs to Mrs. Hough and Aden Michael Hough! Congratulations again to Mrs. Wolfe whose son got married this weekend!!!! Please continue to support each other as many of our staff members are experiencing health problems concerning themselves or their close family members.  Just a smile and a kind word goes a long way:)

I keep telling myself that I need to breathe so I will give you all that advice as well. BREATHE and remember why we are all here, to teach and nurture the children, support each other and be the best that we can be!  Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Great Job Everybody!!!!!



I would like to thank everyone for a job well done. The 5th Grade On-Line Science Testing went very well. I appreciate everyone involved. You all are the reason for the testing being such a success!!!!!  I will congratulate the 5th graders as well for taking it so seriously.  Way to go TEAM!

Important Garden Information!

An Important Message from Irma Jackson.....

Any teacher or class who has started plants for the garden and has not planted them is welcome to plant in the garden.  (You may need to take a shovel to dig a little grass up before planting your row of plants or seeds.)  A planting guide has been on the desk where you wand in for a few weeks and I am putting a larger version at the garden on the side of the dumpster.  I will also add  venetian blind stakes that you can write on with a pencil and put the date you planted ,what you planted and possibly the class grade or teacher name.  The stakes will be in the holder on the side of the dumpster where the metal stakes are now.
Thanks, Irma Jackson

Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 20-24th Buzzzzzzzy Week!

Another Buzzzzzy Week!


  • Maria celebrated her Birthday this weekend!

  • Julissa's Birthday is Monday!

  • Mr. T. (Roberto) has a birthday on Thursday!

  • Ms. Kennedy has a birthday on Friday!                                                                 

We hope you all have HAPPY BIRTHDAY's!!!!!

CELEBRATIONS!!  - Mrs. Wolf's son is getting married this week. Congratulations to her entire family.  She will be out of the office Tues.-Fri. We wish the happy couple a lifetime of happiness and joy. The office staff will be assisting during her absence so please get your attendance in on time every morning:) We appreciate your help.

Cell Phone Usage Reminder-At no time should a staff member supervising students be using a cell phone or other portable devices. This means there should be no cell phone usage in classrooms during instruction, no cell phones in the cafeteria, arrival or dismissal time, on the playground or in the gym. We have already reviewed the requirements for Testing.  It is our duty to be giving full attention with no distractions to our students. Our focus should always be on our students. Ms. Frazier and I will be monitoring this. Please remember this as well when supervising students on the playground. There has been an increase in both discipline and injuries that might have been avoided. Please spread out to supervise. Thank you for your cooperation and help in putting our students first:)

 Professional Responsibilities:  As the last weeks of school are upon us, it is very important and your responsibility to read ALL of your emails. There will be important information coming from Administration, CC, and LTM Facilitator, concerning retentions, testing, scheduling, etc....EOGs begin this week with Science and continue next week with Reading and Math.  Please make sure that you have turned in your hand written rosters, list of expected grades and proficiency levels for reading and math (grades 3/4/5). 

Important Dates for your Calendars...So far........
  • May 20-Classified Employees Meeting at 3:10 in Rm. 200
  • May 21 Services For Mrs. Hopson's sister-Antioch Christian Church
  • May 21-Bud Harrellson will be using Room 200 at 3:00
  • Cannon to Read to Achieve Meeting w/ J. Costello at 2:00
  • May 21-Pre-K Parent Meeting 5:30-7:30
  • Board Meeting-Honoring Promise Award Nominees-Mrs. Seachrist
  • May 24-List of Retentions sent to Cannon/Pick up Parent Letter
  • May 27-Holiday No School Today
  • Week of May 27th- EOGs
  • May 28-SIT Meeting and WSFCS Retirement Reception Education Bldg. @ 3:30
  • June 1- Dash for Cash Trinity Center and Dash Game
  • June 5th and 6th Fifth Graders to Skating Rink
  • June 7th FIFTH GRADE CELEBRATIONS/Parents Invited
  • June 9th-Home Moravian would like to acknowledge and celebrate our partnership. Please attend if you are able as they do so very much for our school. The service is at 10:00. Mr. Powelson and some of our students will perform.
  • June 10th K-4 Awards at 9:00 and Pre-K Awards at 1:00 NO Specials today as specialists involved in Awards Day. They will rotate for breaks.
  • June 11-Last day for students.
  • June 17-21 SYSTEMS Thinking Training - Education Bldg.
  • June 19-Teachers last Day
  • June 28th-Dr. Martin's Last Day
  • June 24-28 Reading Foundations Training Ed. Bldg.
  • June 23-29 Cannon to The Art of Leadership-Improving Schools Harvard University
  • July 15-19 UVA Summer Institute on Academic Diversity
  • Teachers come back August 19th
  • August 23rd-Teaching Children of Poverty-Joint Profess. Develop. with Old Town Faculty at Old Town

Thinking Ahead........

As we close down, please make sure that you complete everything relevant to you on the End of the Year checklist.  Make sure if you take permanent records out of the records room, they are signed out.  At no time, should a permanent record be taken out of our building. Your classroom should be left clean. Bulletin Boards should be covered or taken down if you are told that you are moving.  CHECKLISTS MUST BE TURNED IN AS WELL AS KEYS. We will have the Summer Feeding Program here as well as the Y Summer Camp. We will keep them contained in Building A.  Tia will need a list of Y kid's grades after you do report cards. 

You will get more information this week on retentions, EVAAS rosters, preparing class lists for next year and scheduling.


      Sunday, May 5, 2013

      May 6-10th

      Happy Birthday May Babies!!!!

      • 5/1-Cheryl Frazier

      • 5/7-Alisha Taylor

      • 5/20-Julissa Knight

      • 5/23-Roberto Thimann

      • 5/24-Jennifer Kennedy

      Happy Mother's Day on Sunday, May 12th!!!!!!!!!


      Teacher Appreciation Week! May 6-10th

      Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  Thank you for consistently going above and beyond on a daily basis for the children of Diggs-Latham.  We want you to know how much we appreciate you all, so we have planned surprises throughout the week.  The PTA has sent the following message to parents to encourage them to get involved as well:

      PTA Teacher Appreciation Week  May 6th through 10th
      May 6th - Monday wear red to show love for your teachers
       May 7th - Tuesday wear your favorite color and share your favorite candy bar/snack with 
                                                   your teacher
      May 8th - Wednesday wear blue and share a quote to inspire your teacher
      May 9th - Thursday wear green and bring/make a flower for your teacher
      May 10th - Friday wear orange to tell your teacher "Orange you glad I'm in your class!"

      More Teacher Appreciation.........

      We will have lots of surprises for you this week including: A Poem and a Treat Bag on Monday, Surprise for Tuesday, Breakfast Treat from the PTA on Wednesday and Satin Hands Massages and Mini Facials thanks to Ms. Pedneau. Be sure to sign up.  On Thursday, Quilla and the United Dreamers will provide ice cream for you and finally Friday...Mr. Cannon will bring our grill and fire it up to cook hamburgers and hot dogs for you at lunch! We will also have chips and fixins. We hope you enjoy this special lunch.  We truly appreciate each and every one of you.  You give your heart to our kids every day. Your patience, kindness and willingness to work tirelessly are very much noticed and appreciated. I am proud to be the Principal of this great school. It is great because of all of you. Thank you.

      Week At A Glance:

       BOOK FAIR Buy One/Get One All Week. Thank you Judy and Veronica for all your hard work!

      All PDPs should be completed this week and all Classified Information should be forwarded to me as those evaluations will be completed this week.  I have information from most of you. Thank you. Certified Staff, please sign up for your Summative Evaluation Conference with Ms. Frazier and myself.
      • 5/6 - Ms. Frazier will not be in the building today.
      • 5/6 - Work will be on-going on CNA as it is due today. Team Leaders -Please make sure I have all your information, surveys and research this morning.  I will be the LEA for IEPs at 7:30 and 3:15.
      • 5/7 - Joint Principal's Meeting and Title I Meeting for Cannon
      • 5/7 - Faculty Meeting at 3:10-Please be on time as we have a full Agenda.
      • 5/8 - Breakfast Treats and A Day of Beauty for Teacher Appreciation
      • 5/9 - Dancing Across the Decades 3rd grade/4th & 5th Grade Band and Orchestra Concert 7:00
      • 5/10 - Cannon-IEP 3:15 and Cook-Out Lunch during lunch periods.
      • 5/12-Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!
      **Please be sure to read Emails from Gloria for Training Dates and Testing Information:)