Monday, May 27, 2013

May 28-31st

Welcome Back!  It is EOG Week:) 

Important: Due to the fact that we have a retiree reception at Central office, magnet reception, Board of Ed. Mtg., and you all are very busy getting ready for EOGs, and working on required paperwork I have decided to cancel this afternoon's SIT Mtg.  I would like to reschedule it for next week, so we can get a final draft of our plan completed. It will be one less thing we will have to have completed at the start of the year. 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and was able to rest and relax for what surely will be a busy race to the end of school. As always, please remember to turn your plans in, keep students on as normal a schedule as is possible with testing, etc.. and supervise bathrooms, hallways and playground.

Thank you so much to all of you that turned in your survey and budget request email concerning software and scholastic and weekly reader. Even though the survey is optional, it helps us plan and gives you a voice in utilizing our budget effectively.  You can still get it to me this week.

Please remind your students in grades 3-5, how very important it is for them to be on time this week. We have sent the message to parents in a number of ways as well.  Students in pre-k-2 should be reminded to adhere to the "Zero" level in hallways, bathrooms, common areas, etc... especially during testing. We appreciate your support.  Progress reports go home today. I have a Title I Budget Meeting today as well.  This afternoon there will be a reception for retirees at 3:30, a magnet fair reception and then a Board Meeting in which all
Promise Award Nominees will be honored including our own, Allison Sechrist. We are very proud of her. I am proud of all of our new first year teachers, they have all been exceptional.

Thank you to Ms. Wynns and her team for all the work that went into the Clean and Green Application Process.  We did get recognized!!!!!

Thank you to Barbie, Kate and Connie for their continuous efforts in the book room. It is awesome. This is very tedious and time-consuming work. I know for a fact that Barbie has spent days and days and days in there working for us.  Please let all these ladies know that you appreciate their efforts:) 

The new Bike Rack has been installed and is ready for use. Thank Mr. Shorer for putting it together and Anthony for bolting it down for us. Children who utilize it will need to bring their own locks. Thank you PTA and Home Moravian:)

Our Eagle Scout worked this weekend on the US Map on the bus lot so check it out today!

Lastly, thank you to Mrs. Pubantz and everyone of you for getting us to this point in which we are prepared to test. A lot of work goes into the test plan and securing volunteer proctors and scheduling, etc... I thank all of you for your hard work.

Mrs. Faqih will have her surgery this Thursday, not sure what time yet.  I will keep you posted. Please keep her in your prayers.

Continued prayers please for Mrs. Hopson and her family, Ms. Farthing's mom, Mrs. Winsor-Porter, Mrs. Faqih, and Mrs. Crookshank. Ms. Reece is experiencing some health problems as well and will need our support. Hugs to Mrs. Hough and Aden Michael Hough! Congratulations again to Mrs. Wolfe whose son got married this weekend!!!! Please continue to support each other as many of our staff members are experiencing health problems concerning themselves or their close family members.  Just a smile and a kind word goes a long way:)

I keep telling myself that I need to breathe so I will give you all that advice as well. BREATHE and remember why we are all here, to teach and nurture the children, support each other and be the best that we can be!  Have a great day!

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