Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday, May 31st

Good Morning:  Another busy day as testing continues. Please remember to travel quietly throughout the building.  There will be an OPTIONAL attendance dress rehearsal for tonites 4-5 Band/Orchestra Concert at 9:30 this morning for all grades interested.  Please quietly come to the gym and be seated by 9:20..  Classes coming from Building B need to be exceptionally quiet as they leave and re-enter the building.

  • Pre-K Transition Meeting at 5:30
  • PTA Band/Orchestra Concert Grades 4-5, You are welcome and encouraged to come but I am not requiring it due to all of the other parental events going on.  Many of you have children involved in school events.  I don't want to overtax you anymore than necessary.  I do however want to support all the hard work our band/orchestra/dance/PE and Art teachers have done.  They are awesome.
  • Make sure your RTI survey is complete by tomorrow morning.
  • Encourage students to pay cafeteria balances and return all library books.
THANKS DANIELLE, MRS. PERRY, MS. WYNNS and MS. STUDEVENT for a job well done with testing:)  You all are the best!

Thank you for your prayers for my dad.  He fell two stories off a ladder the night before last and was intensive care for a while yesterday.  He broke 4 ribs, has a concussion and a lot of cuts and bruises.  He also hurt his shoulder.  He was extremely lucky his injuries were not a lot worse. He was unconscious for almost 5 minutes.  He is in a regular room now and will hopefully get to go home late today or tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday, May 30th

Good Morning.  Re-Testing today. As usual, be mindful of testers as you move through the building.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Tuesday! 05/29/12

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a terrific weekend and got plenty of rest.  We have 8 student days left and they will be busy.  While Gloria is enjoying a wonderful wedding week, Danielle will be taking the helm as far as testing  goes. We appreciate her dedication as well as everyone else pitching in to make sure testing goes smoothly.  All teachers remember that this second go round of testing is extremely important.  Please keep hallways quiet this week in both buildings and wait for the announcement that it is clear to go outside.  If it is raining, then indoor exercises/recess might be necessary.  Take one last look to make sure that there is no academic content posted.  Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Friday, May 25th

It's finally Friday!  I know that you all are anticipating a fun and relaxing weekend and you deserve it.  These past two days have been a whirlwind so I would like to send belated BIRTHDAY WISHES to Mr. T. and Ms. Kennedy!!!  I hope they had wonderful birthdays.  I would also like to send Congratulations out to Mr. and Mrs. Pubantz as they will celebrate the wedding of their son next week.  We wish them a safe trip and a lovely wedding. Mrs. Friel will take over the role of testing coordinator for the retest, with the help of her friends:)

Kindergarten Screening will take place this morning beginning at 8:30. 

Thank you Hospitality Team for providing a delicious lunch today.   It sounds yummy.  Thanks to Mrs. Powelson.    

You all are the best and I am so happy to be here!

Happy Thursday!

Good Morning!  I am meeting with Rebecca Nussbaum here this morning from UNSA School of the Arts to discuss a Arts in Residence program here for the Fall.  It will tie the Arts and Science together.

Reminder again to recover content areas in preparation for testing if you have retesting in your room. 

If you are planning NOT to eat in the cafeteria for any reason, you should have notified the cafeteria manager already.  If you haven't done so and you are planning to eat in your room for any reason, let the cafeteria manager know today, first thing.  Thank you.  The cafeteria works hard to plan meals for the last weeks of school.

Remind students that there is no school on Monday for the holiday.

Reminder to keep things as structured and normal as is all possible until the last day of school. Please be sure to keep eyes open and supervision stepped up at the playground.  I discourage videos unless they are educational and all videos should be sent in to me for pre-approval.  The last weeks of school are great times to get in literacy units, social studies and science projects and all skills you think the students still need reinforcement in. It is also a great time to tie the arts into content areas:)

Kindergarten Screening tomorrow morning in the gym.   HAVE A TERRIFIC DAY.     

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 23, 2012

Good Morning! Remediation continues.........Thank you for your hard work.

 I am off campus today for my Principal's PLC at Southwest Elementary and then to the Elementary Principal's Meeting.  I will be out of the building all day.  If you need anything, contact Cheryl and Cassandra or you can email me. 

Thank you for your time yesterday for listening to the characteristics of RTI and the new changes being implemented with PEPs.  Rebecca really is willing to help in any way she can so if you have questions, ask away:)

Have a great day!

May 22, 2012


I wanted to make sure that I mentioned that when our EOG score sheets were turned in Friday, we were notified that they came back clean and perfect.  Thank you to the whole "Bubbling Team" for doing such an awesome job.  I realize what hard work that is getting those sheets ready to scan. We appreciate you!

Please make sure that there is a sense of urgency when remediating.  Be sure not to lose a minute and get started right on time.  Thank you:)

Reminder-Faculty Meeting this afternoon at 3:15.  Be on time as we have a full agenda.

Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012 Let the Remediation Begin!

Good Morning!  No Morning News this morning as Mrs. Uhrig is out sick.  The scores are back and we worked on Saturday to get the letters ready to go home and the remediation schedule finalized.  Make sure your read your email today. The letters will go home this afternoon.  Reiterate to the students that they are not to be opened at the Y or on the bus!!!!

The pancake breakfast at Home Church was very nice yeterday.  It was for a great cause. Thank you Amanda Gordon for coming out and serving with me. I know they appreciated us being there.

Remember we have a faculty meeting tomorrow to learn about RTi and PEPs.  We will also vote on TAC rep and sign up for Committees for next year.  As always, classified employees can stay until the meeting is over and makeup the time this week or stay until your scheduled departure time and leave the meeting then. 


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday, May 17th

Good Morning, yesterday went very well in the testing arena thanks to you all.  We truly appreciate all the teamwork.  We are testing again today and are a little shorthanded so we appreciate your patience if you are pulled to monitor.  Dr. Madison has gone home sick today.

Today is EOG Math In-Active.  Just a reminder that we will have a faculty meeting to go over RTi and changes to the PEP process on Tuesday afternoon. This is an important meeting as we are required to begin RTi as part of our SIT Plan and Star 3. .Rebecca Payne will be here to go over these things.  We will also have committee sign ups and vote for our TAC Rep. for next year.  We have 4-5 people who are interested. If anyone else is interested, please email me today.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Kudos to our pre-k, kindergarten, first and second grade students and staff for having such great character and providing a quiet and respectful testing environment for the upper grades. Congratulate your students for being such good citizens.

Congratulations to Mrs. Pubantz for putting together such an efficient and effective testing plan.  A lot of thought and attention to detail goes into that process.  I would also like to thank every staff member in this building for having some part in the execution of testing.  It really does take a whole team and we are indeed a TEAM!

How about those 3/4/5th graders?  Only one absence yesterday.  That is amazing and I am so proud of them.  Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Martinez have been sending out those Alert Now Messages faithfully as reminders and I believe they work!

I know you are all feeling the strain of testing as it is quite tiring, but hang in there.  All reports tell me that the majority of students are using strategies and working hard.  Hooray!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Our 5th Graders did an excellent job with EOG Science Testing! I was so impressed with how hard the children worked. Thank you to everyone involved for making it such a success.  Today we begin with EOG Testing grades 3-5.  As with yesterday, all cell phones are to be off, do not accidently call into any of the rooms being tested, give your room a last look to make sure you do not have any content work or posters.  The test for today is EOG Reading.  It is a long one.  We will make an all-call when testing is over.  I know this is such a hard week, but we will get through it:)  Go TEAM! 

On June 1 (Friday Night) we will have Diggs-Latham Night at the DASH GAME.  Students will receive a flier in their weekly packets with information on how to obtain tickets.  It is usually $5 for students and that includes a hot dog, drink, hat and a ticket.  It has been $9 for adults and that includes ticket and a hat.  We should be getting the fliers any day.  Thanks to Mrs. Sumner for making the arrangements.  It should be a really fun night so I hope we can get as many staff members and students as possible.

Don't forget that Home Moravian is having their pancake breakfast for the prodigals this Sunday.  We still need volunteers or you can support them by just coming to eat!  It is at the Fellowship Hall-Home Moravian-7:00am but you can get there when you can.  Let me know if you plan on coming.  They do such wonderful things for us, it is important to give back to them as well.  Thank you.

THANK YOU KINDERGARTEN FOR HAVING YOUR SCIENCE ITEMIZED INVENTORIES COMPLETE!  WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!  I am sure the other grade levels are right behind them.  Let Ms. Wynns know if you need any manuals or student books. She will be happy to help you!!!!

Monday, May 14th 2012

EOG-5th Grade Science Today.  Please be sure to keep all noise in both buildings to a minimum today. Remind students they are to stick to a strict zero in the hall. All cell phones are to be off.  You never know where testing is occuring in either building. We want to create the best environment possible for testing. 

I will make an announcements this week at 8:20 for the pledge (NO WDLE News this week) and then again at 8:45 to begin the test. 

All 3-5 Remediation Lesson Plans should have been sent to me. Thank you for getting those in on time:)
Remember to supervise playground-all areas, especially those hard to see areas, in case weather permits and students can go outside.    

Friday, May 11, 2012

It's Finally Friday!

What a very, very, busy week we have had.  Thank you all for your hard work and dilligence in keeping the children focused and on track.  I am sure they will love the pep rally this afternoon.  Thank you to Ms. Green, Mrs. Moran and Ms. Taylor for planning this event.  Also, thanks to all of the teachers who have helped behind the scenes.

PTA will provide lunch from Subway today.  They have been just awesome this week. I know you appreciate them as much as I do!  Thank Mrs. Robinson when you see her.

Mrs. Lizarazo's family and my husband and I and Nohora's husband were in attendance last night to watch our very own Mrs. Martinez graduate from Forsyth Tech.  She looked beautiful in her blue cap and gown.  Way to go Nohora!  We are so proud of you.

DUE TODAY-GRADES 3-5 LESSON PLANS for next week.  Gloria and I both have sent reminders.  Thank you for turning them in on time:)

Please monitor students in bathrooms.  It is necessary to go back to the logs.  Yesterday, we had two very unfortunate incidents.  Someone has been "Decorating" with toilet paper in the 4-5 hall.  Someone had to see who did this.  In the A bldg., we had kids throwing away stacks of new paper towels and two distinct messes left.  Please take time to talk to the children about not wasting toilet paper and paper towels.  When we are out, we are out.  Students from k-2 have also been leaving their classrooms at the end of the day, bypassing the Y and going up to the bathroom by the dance room. I have spoken to the Y about supervision.  Thanks for your help with this. Make sure they get to the Y.
As we head towards the last days of school, please be sure to spread out and monitor all the nooks and crannies of the playground.  Structured activities are great this time of year.  If you need a kickball or ideas for games, please see Coach.  We have had several issues from the playground.  Supervise, supervise, supervise:)  Thanks!

Saturday Academy tomorrow.  Mr. Holmes will open and close the bldg.  Make sure he is here before you enter so you do not set off the alarm. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Thursday! Teacher Appreciation Week Continues...PTA has a surprise for you.  I don't even know what it is!

Congratulations to Nohora Martinez.  She will be graduating from Forsyth Technical Community College tonite with the degree of Associate of Arts.  We are so proud of her!!!!! Hooray!

Don't forget to give to UNCF if you are able.  The last day is approaching.

Have a Wonderful Day!  Remember, you do make a difference in the life of a child.  As a young teacher, I purchased a purple flowered hat box.  Everytime I received a nice note from a parent or child or a cute picture, I would add it to the box.  After 22 years of teaching the box is full but I am still adding.  Now I am adding cute notes of encouragement from teachers. If ever I had a bad day, I would just pull out a few of those notes and they would make me smile and be ready to go right back into the trenches for another day!  You should try it, those notes of encouragement add up.  They are your history. Some of those kids have graduated from college.  Ok, ok, I'm old!!!  I am thankful to be the principal of this great school.  You all fill my days with joy.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Continues Today!

Today there will be Bagels in the lounge from Panera compliments of our wonderful PTA.  We hope you enjoyed the treats yesterday.  Some people told me that it was a nice little pick me up.  We really do know that you are the best teachers anywhere,  You work so hard everyday and we truly appreciate you. Have a great day.

May 9, 2012

Good Morning Everyone!  Cassandra is out sick today as is Judy Uhrig so there will be no WDLE News this morning.  We hope they are both feeling better.

Great News.  Our Star 3 Professional Development Proposal was approved by Senior Staff Members yesterday.  We will take a team to University of Virginia July 9-13th to learn about Differentiation from C. Tomlinson.  The teachers will then come back and train the faculty. We should glean a lot of information from this Institute.

Walk-Throughs are officially completed.  We have reached our goal.  Of course, we will still be in and out all day:)

The last Saturday Academy is this weekend.  Mr. Holmes will be unlocking and locking the building back up.  You need to make sure he has unlocked the building before you enter. Also, let him know if you plan on working in building A on Saturday so he is aware of who will be in the building.

 All Reading, Math and Grade 5 Science Lesson Plans for next week and Remediation Week are due to me by Friday. Gloria sent you information about this earlier.  You may put the plans in the box outside my door. This is a district mandate that we must follow. PLANS DUE FRIDAY.

Gloria's son graduates this weekend in Michigan!  That is wonderful.  Do we have any other staff members who have children graduating from  HS or College.  Let's celebrate!

Home Moravian is running a pancake breakfast at the Fellowship Hall on Sunday, May 20th beginning at 7:00am.  It will benefit the Prodigals.  I am going to help and would love it if we had some more volunteers from school.  They do so much for us so if you can give some of your time Sunday morning, that would be great.  See Mr. Shorer for details.  It is important for us to give back.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Home Moravian Gift Cards

We were so blessed to receive educational gift cards from Home Moravian.  Please make sure your gift card has been spent by this coming Monday.  Put the receipt and your thank you card in the brown envelope outside my door by Tuesday.  They would like to get their ducks in a row with bookkeeping.  Thank you. I hope you have enjoyed your giftcard purchases.

Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Tuesday, May 8th - ELECTION DAY!

Today is ELECTION DAY.  Elections will take place in the Toyota Literacy Room in Building B.  We are expecting a large crowd.  In order to keep our students safe, please keep your eyes and ears open.  If you see anything unusual, report it to the office.

Reminder: All certified staff need to meet in Room 200 afterschool to fill out a quick survey to be followed by a few quick announcements and then a very quick Star 3 mtg.

Please Welcome Mr. Franco.  He is replacing Mr. Simpson.  We wish Mr. Simpson the best. Mr. Franco is very happy to be joining us.  Be sure to give him a big Diggs-Latham welcome.


This is the last week to contribute to UNCF.  Even one dollar helps.  Please consider giving. See Mrs. Gilliam.

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!!!!

Happy Monday!  It will be a very busy week, as usual!  We are a polling site so the Board of Elections will be setting up the voting Machines in the Toyota Literacy Room this afternoon.  Voters will use the ramp by Taylor's room to come in to vote therefore, you shouldn't see any voters in Building A.  I will add to this blog this afternoon so please read again later.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday, May 4th

It's finally Friday!  Another busy day.  I am heading off to central office by 9:00 as I have been chosen to be a part of our district's Strategic Planning Team for Reading and the 21st Century Learner.  The more information we have the better:)

Remember to donate to UNCF if you are able.  Thank you to Mrs. Gilliam for all her efforts.

Rest and have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday, May 3rd

Good Morning!! The Counselor's Breakfast was wonderful today.  I thank Ms. Studevent for the incredible job she does with our students and their families everyday.  She is a treasure to us.

TRANSFER FAIR this afternoon-4:00-5:30-North Forsyth High School

PTA Banquet is this evening in Clemmons.

Everyone, Have a GREAT DAY!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

Mrs. Pubantz will hold proctor training today at 1:30.  Mrs. Dobson is out of the building today but will be here tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the Transfer Fair, 4:00 at North Forsyth HS.  The WSFCS Counselor's Breakfast will be tomorrow at 7:30 am and the Spring PTA Banquet will be tomorrow evening in Clemmons.

As we prepare for Testing in a few weeks, please be sure to "sweep" your rooms and make sure that all the following are covered or removed.
  • Word Walls
  • Test-Taking Strategies
  • Any tested content
  • All Science related content
  • IF IN DOUBT, TAKE IT DOWN or Cover it:)
Also, a reminder to all staff, your cell phones should be off ,or on vibrate and secured away during the instructional day. Of course, if you have a family emergency, we can discuss it. Absolutely no phones should be out or on during testing. This is one of the number one reasons for test misadministrations.  This was discussed in our Principal's Meeting yesterday.

Don't forget to contrubute to UNCF if you are able.