Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday, May 31st

Good Morning:  Another busy day as testing continues. Please remember to travel quietly throughout the building.  There will be an OPTIONAL attendance dress rehearsal for tonites 4-5 Band/Orchestra Concert at 9:30 this morning for all grades interested.  Please quietly come to the gym and be seated by 9:20..  Classes coming from Building B need to be exceptionally quiet as they leave and re-enter the building.

  • Pre-K Transition Meeting at 5:30
  • PTA Band/Orchestra Concert Grades 4-5, You are welcome and encouraged to come but I am not requiring it due to all of the other parental events going on.  Many of you have children involved in school events.  I don't want to overtax you anymore than necessary.  I do however want to support all the hard work our band/orchestra/dance/PE and Art teachers have done.  They are awesome.
  • Make sure your RTI survey is complete by tomorrow morning.
  • Encourage students to pay cafeteria balances and return all library books.
THANKS DANIELLE, MRS. PERRY, MS. WYNNS and MS. STUDEVENT for a job well done with testing:)  You all are the best!

Thank you for your prayers for my dad.  He fell two stories off a ladder the night before last and was intensive care for a while yesterday.  He broke 4 ribs, has a concussion and a lot of cuts and bruises.  He also hurt his shoulder.  He was extremely lucky his injuries were not a lot worse. He was unconscious for almost 5 minutes.  He is in a regular room now and will hopefully get to go home late today or tomorrow.

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