Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday-December 18th

This graphic is in honor of our awesome Lead Custodian, Jimmie Holmes.  He and I are Redskin Fans!!!!!! GO Skins.

  • Cheryl and I hope you  enjoy the first day of Administrator's Days of Christmas. Enjoy the Hot Chocolate and all the fixins! YUM! 

  • Faculty Meeting this afternoon.  Differentiation Training paired with great snacks and fellowship.   Thanks Fall Festival comm. for snacks.

  • Mid-year PDPs were due yesterday.

  • Be sure to talk with your children about never opening a door for anyone.  We have also placed Visitor Information Signs on several doors.

  • Have you noticed the new mulch on the playground? You asked. We listened.  One project at a time, we'll get there.


HAVE A GREAT DAY and Thank You for taking such great care of our kids!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blog for the Week of December 17-20th

Happy Holiday Week- 4 Busy Days Ahead......

Diggs-Latham has been selected along with 5 other elementary schools to try to break the Guiness Book - World Record by having the most students Zumba at the same time. The event will be held at Benton Convention Center on Friday, February 1, 2013. Our 4th and 5th graders will participate, led by trained instructors. They will Zumba for 30 minutes.  It also ties into an African Zumba Unit to be done in Dance class and Jump Rope for Heart kick-off. There will be a short health fair at the convention center as well that will be both educational and an opportunity to participate in heart health activities. This event is sponsored in conjunction with the GO RED for Women Kickoff, the Mayor's Office, The YMCA, Hanes Brands and others.
I just met with the committee late last week but think this will be a wonderful opportunity to promote heart health, healthy eating, zumba and jump rope for heart.  The students would leave school at approx. 8:30 and be back in two hours.  They would bring a bag lunch. I will get more details out to you as I receive them.

Happy Birthday to Tryla Green (December 14th) and Terri Byers (December 27).  We hope that they had or will have a wonderful birthday.  January Birthdays include:
  • Mr. Holmes on 1/3
  • Gail Hayes on 1/5
  • Alberta Perry on 1/16
  • Sidonna Brown 1/17
  • Jenny Jacobs 1/23
  • Suzanne Asbury 1/27

Notes for the Week:  Today's Blog will cover the entire week

  • I have IEPs scheduled this morning for 7:30/8:00/9:30

  • Walk-Throughs and Observations will continue:)

  • PDP Mid-Term Evidences are due today.  I still need PDP evidences from 8 of you.  Remember to go on to McRel. Bullet your evidences and then send me an email with PDP Mid-Year in the subject line and I will review and send you an email back to sign off. Be sure to do that as soon as you get the email so we can be in compliance.  Do the same for Cheryl if she observes you.  Make sure your mentor signs off as well if applicable to you.

Administrator's Days of Christmas!

Hot Chocolate with all the fixins on December 18th
Reindeer Mix  on December 19th
Breakfast Treats on December 20th
Faculty Meeting Tuesday-We will have 45 minutes of Differentiation Training  with Barbie and Connie and then you are invited to stay for snacks, goodies and fellowship courtesy of the Fall Festival Committee.
Winter Sing Along for everyone will be Thursday at 1:00, not 11:00

The Events at Sandy Hook Elementary-

I cannot even begin to express my sadness, horror and grief over the events that took place in Ct. I can only imagine what those teachers and children must have gone through.  The faculty and staff were prepared and did all they could to protect their "babies" just as we would have.  My heart and prayers go out to the families, students, faculty and staff of Sandy Hook.  A dedicated and devoted Principal and brave courageous teachers lost their lives in a senseless act of evil.  I spent most of this weekend as I am sure many other principal's did thinking about our safety plans and fine-tuning them to see if there is anything more we can do to keep our kids safe.  Our Lock Down Drills are very important as are all our drills.  Dr. Martin has posted some resources on the WSFCS District page to offer tips on how to talk with children and offer support to all of us.  We do have counselors and resources available if you need them.


Please do your best to keep your schedules as normal as possible given the week. Don't sweat the small stuff. Take a deep breath and thank goodness you are teaching these incredible children.  New opportunities abound everyday to help them develop their minds, bodies and hearts! You are their role models and their heroes whether you know it or not:) Thank you for your patience, devotion and dedication to our children.  You are the best teachers and staff anywhere.  From my family to yours, I wish you a restful break, lots of hugs and smiles and surprises.  Happy Holidays!

Congratulations to Miss Hemingway who will become Mrs. Secrest over the Holiday Break!  We will be thinking about you on your special day!  All of our blessings:)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Finally Friday!!!

Congratulations to our new TOY - Teacher of the Year- Mrs. Julissa Knight!

We are very proud of Julissa and thank her for all of her contributions to Diggs-Latham Elementary School. She is a teacher leader and an advocate for all students. She truly cares about our students and their families.  Julissa will represent us at the District Level.  Congratulations are in order as well to our two other incredible nominees, Shakila Faqih and Brooke Hough.  These ladies are phenomenal teachers who are passionate about what they do.  They believe in children and work tirelessly to create environments in which their students flourish.  We are proud of all of these ladies.

Spelling Bee will take place this morning at 9:30. Have all 3/4/5th graders in the gym and seated at 9:30 so we are ready to go!  We will not call you.


The NutCracker Was A Huge Success!!!!!!!!

Thank you to the entire Arts Team for an incredible show.  It was by far one of the best elementary productions I have ever seen.  It took a lot of teamwork between the Arts Team, classroom teachers and volunteers.  Thank you so much to everyone involved. Congratulations Miss Stevenson and Mrs. Farthing!!!! Thank you core teachers for your patience and understanding with schedule changes. You can now see, it was well worth it.  Thank you Judy Uhrig for videotaping and photography!


PDPs are due, please get yours to your administrator.

Have a wonderful day. Do your best to supervise bathrooms, playground and hallways.



Thursday, December 13, 2012


Good Morning!

It feels cold enough to snow today!!!!!  I am at an Elementary Principal's Mtg. this morning. I will be back right before the 1:00 Dress Rehearsal.  Please do your best to keep the students as actively engaged in academics.  Any change in routine can cause good behavior to falter a bit.  Students will be excited about the program.  We will start calling students lower to higher at approx. 12:45.  PLEASE do not bring your students until they are called.  Mrs. Kennedy or Ms. Frazier will make all calls beginning at 12:45.

Be sure to get your PDPs done and signed off on. Directions are on an earlier blog.
Everyone is expected to be at our school performance tonight unless I have talked to you.  We are a school family therefore we support each other.  We will also need extra help with helping people get seated and passing out food bags. There will be an evening sign in sheet in office by sign-in computer.  Your support for our school is very much appreciated.

TOY nominees will be recognized tonite and the TOY will be announced! Congratulations to all.

PLease be sure that if you send a student to the office that they have a D1 and that the D1 is given to office personnel. Ms. Frazier and I are often out of our offices for hours at a time and will not see ones that are put by our doors or on our tables.  Give to Ms. Kennedy, Mrs. Wolfe or Mrs. Martinez.  They can find us.

Have a great day. Remember the spelling bee is tomorrow at 9:30. Students in grades 3/4/5 are invited.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday, December 11th

I want you all to be happy!

Words of Encouragement and Thanks!

Thank you to all of you who came out to fill the bags.  What great teamwork.  We were done in a flash.  Our special friends from Home Church added a surprise to your mailbox.  They really do spoil us.  The stars were handmade and they are beautiful.

Ms. Kennedy will be in a secretary's roundtable meeting this morning and will return this afternoon.

5th Grader Amanda Hartwig and I will be at tonite's Board of Education Meeting.  Amanda will be recognizing our district's elementary school efforts in assisting the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I know she will do a great job!

NO Dental Screening Today.  The Hygienist is ill.  She will reschedule with us. 

The link to Survey Monkey for Teacher of the Year will be up for your votes this morning.  You may only vote once.  We will send out the link shortly.  Congratulations to all the nominees. Please vote.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Monday, December 10th

Giving Back

This time of year it is so important to be thankful for all we have and to give back when we can.  I thank all of you who found it in your hearts to volunteer your time at Candle Tea for Home Moravian Church.  I volunteered twice last week and loved every moment of it.  My husband and I worked the front door Saturday night and it was my job to talk to the people in line.  I met many wonderful and interesting people.  Even though some of them had been in line for over two hours, they were happy and cheerful.  One man let me know that he has been coming to Candle Tea for 41 years.  He said it wouldn't seem like Christmas without the trip.  I met people from Greensboro, Hillsboro, Advance, Ashville and Ashboro and on and on.  I even saw a few of my colleagues from other schools.  It was indeed heartwarming and I know that we are all so thankful to have Home Church as our partner. Remember that we will be putting together food bags this afternoon in room 200 to be given to our families in need after the nutcracker. I hope to see as many of you there to help as possible.  We will have several volunteers from the church.  I am so thankful for a caring and supportive staff.  You keep on giving and keeping children as the important focus of all you do. I appreciate you.

The "Nutcracker" is Coming!

This is the week we have all been waiting for.  Our Arts Team has been working feverishly day and night to produce what will be a spectacular event!  Miss Stevenson and Ms. Farthing have been rehearsing the songs and dances, Mrs. Gordon has worked on the props and they are incredible. The rest of the team has also done much work to ensure the show is a success.  I know everyone will be here (PTA Night) to support our students.  Remember that we have a dress rehearsal this Thursday at 1:00.  I will need some volunteers to assist with crowd control and giving out tickets.  Thanks team:)

Items of Importance:

  • Dental Screening tomorrow at 9:00
  • TOY voting will take place this week and announced on Wednesday.  More info. to come.
  • Mid-Term Interims go home Tuesday.
  • You should be working on your mid-year PDP evidence and send me  or Cheryl an email with Mid-Year PDP in subject line.  Bullet your evidences.  If it is complete, we will tell you to sign off on it.   PDPs need to be received and signed off on by December 17th.
  • Committee meetings tomorrow after school. Be sure to keep an agenda and attendance record.
  • Spelling Bee this Friday for 3/4/5 at 9:30.
  • Thank you to Tryla Green for her leadership in implementing the Science Fair! :)
  • Second Round Observations will begin this week and CWTs will continue as usual. Also, don't forget that your acquisition lesson plans are to be emailed to me and Cheryl. You can send a paper copy if you wish.
  • Faculty Meeting on the 18th/Differentiation Training and Some Cheer. 
  • Miss Hemingway is planning her upcoming wedding to be held on December 29th. She is a "Wonder Woman". We are so proud of her.
  • Katie will rejoin us on January 22nd!!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday, December 7, 2012

We Made it to FRIDAY!!!! Today is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

  • Third Graders will go to Nutcracker this morning.   Buses leave at 9:30
  • Be sure to nominate a deserving teacher for TOY.
  • Reminders:
  • Meet in Room 200 afterschool on Monday at 3:00 to pack food bags.
  • Next Tuesday, committee meetings.
  • Dental Screening on the 11th for k,3,5 and EC ALSO Mid-Terms Interims go out.
  • Spelling Bee next Friday.
Please let your patience and kindness shine through all day as you deal with children and colleagues. Have a wonderfully productive day:)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 6, 2012

Today is Thursday.......Have a Wonderful Day!

This and That.......

Thank you to Tryla for organizing the Science Fair.  Parents can come and visit between 1 and 6:00 today.
Thank you to the ARTS Team for painstakingly reviewing and revising the Duty Free Schedule.  We will get a copy out to you and if you have any concerns or comments, please send to our SIT Chair, otherwise if we do not hear from you today, the plan will take effect on Monday.  "At this school we work together to solve problems" truly works here.  We had a problem, we put our heads together and worked to resolve the problem. I am proud of your efforts. GO TEAM.  A special thanks to Amanda Gordon and Coach McNeil.  They are also working feverishly on the Nutcracker. Mrs. Stevenson has been making costumes and props for months now.  Over 200 children will particvipate.
You should have received a copy of the viewing schedule for the Science Fair from Ms. Green. Please adhere to times so we can stay on schedule.
I haven't received any mid-Term PDP responses yet.  You still have time, but be thinking about your evidence.  Mid-year reviews will focus on goals and data, Dibels, EVAAS, etc...You just need to bullet or script your evidence on the Mid year PDP and send it back to your administrator for approval. If everything is ok, we will not need to meet. Check previous blog/email for PDP due date and marki it on your calsendar. Also, make a decision about who your peer evaluator will be for those of you who were sent emails saying you needed to choose a peer to evaluate you. Work out an observation time.
REMINDER-Mid-Term Interims go out December 11th.

Information about the 20th

Several people have asked about doing special projects, crafts, etc.. on the 20th. It is fine to deviate a little from  your normal routine as long as you are doing some educationally sound activities that you can tie into the curriculum with reading, writing or math, or art/music.  You can do a special snack during your lunch time or in the room at the end of the day. If you will not be eating in the cafeteria, let our manager know ASAP. Remember that we will have the winter sing-along on that afternoon at 1:00.

GREAT SIT Meeting yesterday afternoon.  We worked together to solve problems. Way to Go!

LAPTOPS-The Laptops for fifth grade should be delivered in the next week.  Technology has pretty much set them up so they are ready to go when they get here.  They have worked so hard getting 10,000 laptops out to schools. Way to Go!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wednesday, December 5th


Leveled Readers: Teachers, please be sure to turn leveled readers back in to the book room when you are done with them.  Please do not store them in your rooms as we are running low and we want to give everyone the opportunity to use them.  So, if you have any readers that you are done with, please turn them back in asap. Children are waiting:) Thank you.

Calling Substitutes: Just a reminder that all requests for subs should be put in before 6:00am the day of and before 9:00pm the night before.  The sub systems stops calling by 9:30.  For the past two days we have had to use PRTs to cover classes because we could not get subs. This puts us in a difficult situation. This is not the ideal situation and our PRTs and assistants have been very gracious about filling in. We appreciate them, but please be mindful of this. If you know you have to be out, please put your request for a sub in before these times.  We know there are emergencies that can't be helped but if we have a heads up, we can try to call subs ourselves. It is extremely difficult to find available subs in the morning.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Be on the lookout for an information email from Ms. Studevent concerning IST Referrals.

School Supplies for Staten Island Elementary School:

Thank you to everyone who have donated school supplies to be sent to Staten Island.  We will send them next Wednesday so please be sure to donate if you are able.  The counselor from Lewisville Elementary is our contact.  Thank you for helping thos less fortunate.

Have a great day!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Tuesday, December 4th

  • Happy Tuesday! I am at a Joint Principal's Meeting this morning.

  • Mallie has dropped off the Gift Cards. Ms. Kennedy will have the cards in her office tomorrow so stop by and sign off for yours.  Remember to save the envelope to put your receipts in.  You do not have to use the whole amount all at once. Just be sure to use it by the end of school year. Remember to make sure that personal items are not on your receipt.  When you have all your receipts, turn the envelope in to me.  I will put an envelope that says Home Moravian Receipts in the black box outside my office door.  You can also put your thank you notes in and I will be sure the church gets them:)  Happy Classroom Shopping!!!!

  • Science Fair Projects Due Wednesday

  • Be sure to work on your Mid-Year PDP and send me or Ms. Frazier an email w/Mid-Year PDP in subject line when you are done.  We will let you know when to sign off:) Thank you.

  • Summit School students visited the pre-k and k classes yesterday afternoon.  They had collected 500 books for our children.  They gave the students 3 books to keep.  Their faces lit up. It was heartwarming.  The students spent some time reading and talking with our kids. They also brought dozens and dozens of chapter books that were donated to media center.  They had a book drive at Summit just for us!What a wonderful act of kindness.

  • Benita is still in Forsyth Hospital but is getting better:)

  • Thank you everyone for doing such a great job with your Choice Boards!

  • See you this afternoon-SIT Mtg. at 3:10 in Media Center




Sunday, December 2, 2012

Congratulations Mrs. Martinez!


A Very Special CONGRATULATIONS To Nohora Martinez for being selected as  Diggs-Latham's Classified Employee of the Year!  We also congratulate all of our finalists and all of our Classified Employees who truly go above and beyond every single day. We need you and we appreciate you!  Please know that your contributions to our school are valued greatly.  Thank you.

Teacher of the Year 2012-2013

Be on the lookout for information from your SIT Chair on TOY procedures.

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

It's A Brand New Week!  Good Morning!

It was sad to see our UNCG Interns leave on Friday.  They were awesome and I know they will do a great job at Hall-Woodward and Konnoak. We will get a whole new cohort in January.  Sue Mercier, Mike Land and Barbie have done a great job with these students.

We need you on December 10th at 3:15 in Room 200!!!!!!!!

We will work in partnership on Monday, December 10th at 3:15 to pack 150 bags of food with Home Moravian Volunteers.  We really need as many staff members as possible to get this task done.  The bags will contain pasta, rice, beans, sweet potatoes, vegetables, etc.. to be given out to families at our evening performance of the Nutcracker.  We will need all hands on deck.  The first 150 families through the door will get a ticket which they can exchange for a "surprise" which is a bag of food.  All the items have been shopped for and bought by the generous members of Home Moravian Church. They are incredible.  I will need some faculty and staff, not involved with the production to help with tickets, greetings, crowd control, etc... Many people have collaborated on our musical and it will be awesome.  We have invited Dr.Martin and Steve Oates and other community members.  Home Moravian will serve cookies and punch afterwards.  Thank you to the entire Arts Team and grade level teachers for making this such a success.  Please let me know if you can join us in Room 200 next Monday to pack the food bags:)  We need you, if only for a few minutes.

Please keep Benita in your prayers as she is in the hospital with Pneumonia.  Many of you remember her as site manager of our Y before Tia.  We are sending her our well wishes.

Gateway Y to implement Fitness Program at Recess Starting 12/10/12

Mrs. Frazier will be sending you an email asking you if you would like to be involved in the Gateway Y's Program in which they work with your children at recess with organized games, etc.. once a week.  They can only do 2 grade level classes at a time and once a week.  Ms. Frazier will be polling you to see who is interested, your preference of day and your recess time.  If it is a rainy or frigid day, they will come to your classroom and do a lesson on fitness or nutrition.  I encourage you all to participate.

Hospitality Plans Another Great Lunch...

Friday's lunch was such a delicious treat for us all.  Everyone who participated outdid themselves. The variety of Chili was incredible and the desserts scrumptious.  THANK YOU ALL!  What a bright spot in our Friday:)

Upcoming Events:

12/4 Joint Principal's Meeting 7:45