Friday, August 31, 2012

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Welcome Back!
I hope that everyone had a relaxing and wonderful long weekend. Now, once again, roll up your sleeves and let's start the hard work of meeting the needs of all our students.

  • Ms. Studevent would like to remind Third Grade that you have the Junior League Puppet show on September 6th.  Meet on the stage at 9:40 sharp.
  • Classroom Walk-Throughs start today/See email for assignments
  • WAPT Testing Continues-Thank you Test Administrators-No ESL classes
  • McRel Evaluation Training 3:10-4:00
  • Mr. Holmes did not have surgery last week as planned but will have it this week.  We will keep you posted.
  • I would like 100% of our faculty to join PTA, the fee is $6.00.  They do a lot for us and we are really working to build and strengthen our PTA this year. Also, don't forget to join Hospitality.  They are also wonderful:)
Everyone please be mindful of schedules and be on time for lunch and specials.

Have A Wonderful Day and Remember that you are the Difference in a Child's Life!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

This month has come and gone very fast!  I would like to say Happy Birthday to Mrs. Faqih today and a Happy Birthday to Mr. Stover, Ms. Wynns, Mrs. Lizarazo, Mrs. Pubantz, Mrs. Washburn, and Mrs. Cutter who also celebrated August Birthdays!

REMINDER: First Announced Fire Drill today at 10:00. All staff and students should be on a level 0 when exiting the building.  Set a good example for our children.  We need tthe children to know that this is a serious matter.  Also, have a discussion with them today about not touching the red alarm pulls around the bldg. They can just lean on it and it will trigger.  Thank you so much for your help with this..

Please be on time to the cafeteria.  If just one class is late, it affects the whole schedule. 

We do have a substitute custodian in for Mr. Holmes. Her name is Miss Netta.  We will keep you updated on Mr. Holmes as soon as we hear something.  Ms. Almaguer should be back with us on the 10th.  She has had some medical problems over the summer but is on the mend.  Mr. Crookshank got a good report from his last doctors appt. so we are thrilled to hear that news. Still keep all of our DL Family in your prayers.

McCrel Evaluation System:
  • Be sure to complete your sign-off for Record of Teacher Evaluations today!
  • Each teacher will need to have PDP and self Assessment completed by Sept. 21, 2012. 
    There will be an Evaluation Training on either September 4th or September 5th from 3:10-4:00.  You can choose either day.  You only need to come once. We will meet in the technology lab.  Bring your UID numbers and passwords.
  • We will also go over the standards and what they mean. This meeting will be informative and is not just a working meeting to complete your PDP.

    There will be a separate training for classified employees from 3-3:30 on Monday, Sept. 10th.
Have a wonderful 3 day weekend.  Get some rest, enjoy your families and have a little fun!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Thursday.  Please keep Mr. Holmes in your prayers today as he will undergo cataract surgery in one eye today. He will be back on Tuesday.  I will be opening the bldg. at 6:00 each morning.

Are you interested in taking a Zumba class here at Diggs-Latham once a week?  The Y will offer our staff a weekly class on Mondays (3:15-4:00 or so)  for $2 a week.  Right now they are determining interest. .  I will put a sign up sheet in the lounge, if you are interested, sign up and I will pass the information on to Bonita Patton.  I will then let you know if and when the classes will start.  The instructor will be from the Y.

Some Things to Ponder:
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect.  
  • Know how your children are getting to and from school.
  • Never give a child to someone you don't know to be taken home, always call the office for verification.  It only takes a minute to check.  If someone does come to your door at the end of the day and has not signed in at the office, send them to the office for a badge.  Safety first! 
  • Be on time (lunch, specials, dismissal  everywhere)
  • Know your children's names.
  • Be clear with communication between school and home.
  • Remember this is the beginning.  If you set a positive tone and are consistent and pervasive  in your expectations for the first thirty days, Habits will be built that will last for the 150 days to follow.
  Be aware and  be.responsive to all forms of bullying.
Cheryl and I have been very visible this week and will continue to do so.  We have helped out in the cafeteria. We were backed up a bit yesterday due to the fact that we had all kindergartens here, not just 2 classes. Make sure kids have their numbers or you have your roster.  This will speed things up.  If you do not have a AM duty and are able, please join us in the cafeteria to help supervise breakfast and hallways.  

Challenge our students academically and create some differentiated assessments to build confidence in all students.  Thanks for all of your hard work.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's A Beautiful Morning!

Welcome to the Third Day of School!  Yesterday was a good day.  I saw a lot of quality learning going on yesterday.  Thank you for your great teaching.  I also heard some great conversations concerning kids, common core and learning.

Ms. Frazier reports that transportation went much better yesterday.  HOORAY.  I know we are growing everyday and some of you have large classes.  We will keep watching numbers as will our Asst. Superintendent.  Counting pre-k, we just broke the 500 count.

Thanks for everything you do to make our kid's days just a little bit brighter!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Great Start To A New Year!

We had a pretty smooth start yesterday with only a few bumps in the road! Thank you for your attention to details. Some Reflections after yesterday:

  • There were a lot of wonderful things happening yesterday to set the tone for the year.
  • I saw a lot of smiles:)
  • Make sure you know precisely how the child is getting to and from school, if not notify the office first thing in the morning.
  • Never let another person take a child home unless you have a note or a verbal verification from parent(even if it is a relative).
  • Keep a clipboard of names or come up with some kind of organization so you know who you put on the bus or took to car riders.  We are responsible for the children and where they are from the time they leave the classrooms til they are safely on the right bus or in their family car.
  • Thank you for pitching in during lunch.  We were done on time. We have a work order to put clocks in the cafeteria.
  • Make sure to get your attendance in first thing.
  • Today, the Group N-Z will be attending Kindergarten.
  • We need all hands on deck in the morning and afternoon for this week, so if you do not have a duty, please be sure to help us out with directing students, parents, etc...
  • Be sure to wear your name badge, ID.
  • Supervise playground carefully, we had a few mishaps yesterday.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Brand New Year at Diggs-Latham

Congratulations to Diggs-Latham! On Saturday, Ms. Frazier, Ms. Studevent and myself accompanied close to 30 children to the Dash for Cash Fun Run at the Trinity Center downtown.  Several parents joined us as well. This event was to raise money for the Trinity Center.  The cost for registration was $20.00 per child.  Green Street Church so graciously raised the money to pay for 40 of our students to participate.  The "Y" donated a bus and a driver to get us there and back. Thank you "Y". Other schools that participated were North Hills, Petree, Summit, Bolton, Forsyth Country Day, Our Lady of Mercy and more.  After the Fun Run, and grilled hot dogs, the children were shuttled downtown to be treated to a Dash Baseball Game.  It was a great time and a lot of work!  Mrs. Studevent and Ms. Frazier gave up their Saturday to do something wonderful for our school.  I am most appreciative. I also thank Mrs. Martinez for translating.  We have been working on putting this together and notifying parents since July.  Long story short, cash prizes were given out for the top three schools that had the most registrants.  3rd place school won $500, 2nd place school won $800. and DIGGS-LATHAM ELEMENTARY won first prize, $1200. DOLLARS!!!!  We are so excited and so are the children who participated.  GO TIGERS!!!!!!

First Day of School!  As we begin the first day of school, I know you all are filled with wonder and hope as to what this new year will bring.  The children are excited about coming to school.  We want that motivation and enthusiasm to last the whole year. 

Your rooms look great!  Thank you for taking the time to make them student-centered, resourceful and informative.

Reading the Morning Memo and emails is an expectation for all staff.  This keeps you connected to our daily operations, schedule changes, good news, etc..  It expected that you all are followers of the blog. I will keep track of followers through blogspot.  If you need help becoming a follower, see Ms. Pullen, I am sure she can help.

You all received the link to HR to take a look at and familiarize yourself with Evaluation Documents at our first meeting.  I will add additional evaluation documents to the shared folder that will give you more information.  I will go over the Evaluation Process in two different trainings.  You can take your choice of which one to attend.  The training dates are September 4th or September 5 from 3:10-4:10.  We will meet in the computer lab.  All certified staff must attend one of these sessions.  If there is an interest, I will hold additional sessions to help you write your PDPs.  I will hold an evaluation meeting for classified employees on Sept. 10th from 3-3:30 in Room 200.

Have you given any thought to your school PDP Goals for the year? The PDP process should be a meaningful process in which you reflect on your practice and choose goals that will truly help you grow.  Plan out your goals, you will need two.  You do not need to have a school goal.  You should continuously be reflecting on and working on the completion of these goals all year long.  Remember, your goal is to improve in a specific and measurable way.

Thank you so much for all your hard work!