Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Brand New Year at Diggs-Latham

Congratulations to Diggs-Latham! On Saturday, Ms. Frazier, Ms. Studevent and myself accompanied close to 30 children to the Dash for Cash Fun Run at the Trinity Center downtown.  Several parents joined us as well. This event was to raise money for the Trinity Center.  The cost for registration was $20.00 per child.  Green Street Church so graciously raised the money to pay for 40 of our students to participate.  The "Y" donated a bus and a driver to get us there and back. Thank you "Y". Other schools that participated were North Hills, Petree, Summit, Bolton, Forsyth Country Day, Our Lady of Mercy and more.  After the Fun Run, and grilled hot dogs, the children were shuttled downtown to be treated to a Dash Baseball Game.  It was a great time and a lot of work!  Mrs. Studevent and Ms. Frazier gave up their Saturday to do something wonderful for our school.  I am most appreciative. I also thank Mrs. Martinez for translating.  We have been working on putting this together and notifying parents since July.  Long story short, cash prizes were given out for the top three schools that had the most registrants.  3rd place school won $500, 2nd place school won $800. and DIGGS-LATHAM ELEMENTARY won first prize, $1200. DOLLARS!!!!  We are so excited and so are the children who participated.  GO TIGERS!!!!!!

First Day of School!  As we begin the first day of school, I know you all are filled with wonder and hope as to what this new year will bring.  The children are excited about coming to school.  We want that motivation and enthusiasm to last the whole year. 

Your rooms look great!  Thank you for taking the time to make them student-centered, resourceful and informative.

Reading the Morning Memo and emails is an expectation for all staff.  This keeps you connected to our daily operations, schedule changes, good news, etc..  It expected that you all are followers of the blog. I will keep track of followers through blogspot.  If you need help becoming a follower, see Ms. Pullen, I am sure she can help.

You all received the link to HR to take a look at and familiarize yourself with Evaluation Documents at our first meeting.  I will add additional evaluation documents to the shared folder that will give you more information.  I will go over the Evaluation Process in two different trainings.  You can take your choice of which one to attend.  The training dates are September 4th or September 5 from 3:10-4:10.  We will meet in the computer lab.  All certified staff must attend one of these sessions.  If there is an interest, I will hold additional sessions to help you write your PDPs.  I will hold an evaluation meeting for classified employees on Sept. 10th from 3-3:30 in Room 200.

Have you given any thought to your school PDP Goals for the year? The PDP process should be a meaningful process in which you reflect on your practice and choose goals that will truly help you grow.  Plan out your goals, you will need two.  You do not need to have a school goal.  You should continuously be reflecting on and working on the completion of these goals all year long.  Remember, your goal is to improve in a specific and measurable way.

Thank you so much for all your hard work!

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