Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

This month has come and gone very fast!  I would like to say Happy Birthday to Mrs. Faqih today and a Happy Birthday to Mr. Stover, Ms. Wynns, Mrs. Lizarazo, Mrs. Pubantz, Mrs. Washburn, and Mrs. Cutter who also celebrated August Birthdays!

REMINDER: First Announced Fire Drill today at 10:00. All staff and students should be on a level 0 when exiting the building.  Set a good example for our children.  We need tthe children to know that this is a serious matter.  Also, have a discussion with them today about not touching the red alarm pulls around the bldg. They can just lean on it and it will trigger.  Thank you so much for your help with this..

Please be on time to the cafeteria.  If just one class is late, it affects the whole schedule. 

We do have a substitute custodian in for Mr. Holmes. Her name is Miss Netta.  We will keep you updated on Mr. Holmes as soon as we hear something.  Ms. Almaguer should be back with us on the 10th.  She has had some medical problems over the summer but is on the mend.  Mr. Crookshank got a good report from his last doctors appt. so we are thrilled to hear that news. Still keep all of our DL Family in your prayers.

McCrel Evaluation System:
  • Be sure to complete your sign-off for Record of Teacher Evaluations today!
  • Each teacher will need to have PDP and self Assessment completed by Sept. 21, 2012. 
    There will be an Evaluation Training on either September 4th or September 5th from 3:10-4:00.  You can choose either day.  You only need to come once. We will meet in the technology lab.  Bring your UID numbers and passwords.
  • We will also go over the standards and what they mean. This meeting will be informative and is not just a working meeting to complete your PDP.

    There will be a separate training for classified employees from 3-3:30 on Monday, Sept. 10th.
Have a wonderful 3 day weekend.  Get some rest, enjoy your families and have a little fun!

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