Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Last Week of School for the 2013-2014 School Year - June 9-13th

Together and United, we have almost completed a very successful school year 2013-2014...Congratulations!

BB&T Volunteers

BB&T Volunteers will be here 3 days this week volunteering their time in the Leveled Book Room and the Media Center. If you have any green cards that should be with books that were turned in, please turn them in at once.  Also, if you have Leveled Reading Books that you are done with, please return them.  We really need to do a better job managing the leveled book room. Books have been taken without being signed out, green cards are not put back in baggies, books are missing, etc...  Please do your very best to make sure you follow the proper procedures. The Leveled Book room is a blessing to us but only if it is run efficiently and that is up to all of us who use it.  Thank you for doing your best to respect the process. We want and need you utilizing the room.  

Faculty Meeting-Tuesday at 3:10

We will have a faculty meeting on Tuesday afternoon. Ms. Kennedy will put a copy of the Teacher Working Conditions survey in your boxes.  Please take time to look over this as we will be working with it at the meeting. Please be sure to bring your copy.  Agendas will be sent via email.

As you have heard the 50th celebration for the district will not be held. A video will be available for all to watch from our school on that day.  You should have received an email from Theo explaining.

Please make sure that if you want to make Thank You Cards for Home Moravian for the books they have given us, please do so this week and I will get them to Mallie or Walt by Friday.  Thank you to all who have already done so.  They were very much appreciated.

Care of Classrooms, Hallways, etc......

Please make sure that you are following your check off list.  It is very important.  All keys will need to be turned in this summer.  Please make sure Mrs. Kennedy gets yours on your last day.  All hallway bulletin boards should be taken down. Obviously, you will want to take this year's classroom boards down so you are fresh for next year BUT if there is something you absolutely have to keep up, cover it with newspaper.  Put all your valuables away or better yet take them home.  Clean out desks and stack them to one side of your room.  Stack chairs as well. Technology will let you know at the faculty meeting what to do with computers, etc.. for the summer.  There will be some room changes and we will let you know what they are before Friday.  De-clutter your rooms by throwing away things you don't use anymore.


There will be Read to Achieve Testing on Monday and Remediation and Make-up Testing throughout the week.  Please be mindful of this when moving through hallways, in bathrooms, etc...  There is still a week left to finish up and review curriculum.

Ice Cream Social

Friends of Diggs-Latham will show their appreciation of our faculty and staff by hosting an Ice Cream Social in Room 200 afterschool, Wednesday at 3:00.

Awards Celebrations will be June 12 for K-4 at 1:00 (please see the email I sent out with directions and June 13 for 5th Graders at 9:30.  We have Lifetouch to send us some blank certificates if you need them.

Additional  Dates:

  • June 9-Make sure you have chosen your Entree for EOY Celebration.  Pay Ms. Kennedy by Wednesday.  I will make desserts, but if you would like to help out and bring one, please do. The more the better.  THANK YOU to Hospitality for helping us:) We appreciate you all. I am so looking forwarding to celebrating a great year with you all.
  • June 10-5th Grade skate trip, Remediation and Faculty Meeting.
  • June 11-5th Grade skate trip, Remediation and Ice Cream Social
  • June 12-EOG Retest/Awards k-4
  • June 12th-Final Names for Retentions turned in/Retention Committee will meet to determine retentions
  • June 13-Last Day for Students/5th Grade Celebration
  • June 17th SIT Meeting-IMPORTANT 8:00 am sharp
  • June 18 and 19-Work on classlists AM
  • June 19th-Report Cards to Administrators.
  • June 23 and 24-Scheduling Committee meets and the summer Y program begins

Cumulative Folders and Report Cards-Please take extra care and attention to detail when checking and weeding out cumulative folders. Please make sure that the contents are in the right order and that you follow the list attached to your end of year checklist.  We really need to get these folders up to date and in order. You will be asked to redo them if they are not correct.  Thank you with your help for this.  Report Cards are due to administrators by 3:00 on the 19th.  Please check to make sure you have relevant comments, you fill in all attendance, and all grades are entered.  Make sure you fill in the promotion section.  Have a colleague proof before you turn them in. Also, make sure you have a report card for each student.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 2nd-6th

Countdown to EOG

As you know, this is a very important week for our students. This is the week of EOGs and Extend 2 tests in ELA and Math.

  • June 2nd-Extend 2 (ELA)
  • June 3rd-Extend 2 Math and 5th Grade EOG Science
  • June 4-EOG Reading
  • June 5-EOG Math
  • June 6-EOG Makeups
Thank you in advance for all you have done to prepare our students. Please remember that all cell phones, beeping watches, computers, etc. should be OFF. The same applies for our students if they have them in backpacks.

Star 3 Teacher Leaders Represent Diggs-Latham!

Congratulations to Jennifer Hart,Suzanne Asbury, Alisha Taylor, Andrea Slusher, Amanda Gordon and Sidonna Brown.  They represented us very well at the final District Star 3 Meeting. They have done extensive and important work in their roles as Star 3 Leaders.  I challenge you all to think about our School Improvement Plan and come up with new or enhanced Star 3 Leader Positions. Congratulate your colleagues for a job well done:)

The Schorer Family at the District Spring PTA Meeting!

Thank you to the classes that have made thank you notes for the books donated to us by the children of the Home Church.  I will deliver any cards or pictures your class might have time to make before the last day of school.  We are so fortunate to have this family working for our school.

Fifth Graders Are Rewarded for Hard Work!

Who is that in the chicken suit? Could it be Mrs. Slusher? I believe it is.  5th graders were treated to dancing and pizza for completing the Reading Olmpiad!  I am very proud of them. Way to motivate your team Mrs. Slusher. A student challenged her to wear a chicken suit if they made their goal.  Cluck....Cluck!!!!

Kindergarten Screening..Great Success!Thank you to Barbie and all of our Faculty, Staff and volunteers who made this such a  GREAT success. 

I appreciate you all and everything you do to help our students succeed.  I know this is a very busy and important time as we strategically close down another great year. Please try to keep the students on track and engaged.


Many of you have asked to have the building open one Saturday.  The Friends of Diggs-Latham will be here this Saturday for an end of the year celebration with their families. I have agreed to come and open the building for them and those of you who want to come in.  Just let me know if you plan on being here. This could be an opportunity for you to earn makeup hours for those of you who need them.

Happy Birthday June Babies!              

  • June 10th-Maeretha Hopson
  • June 18th- Leslie Batten and Linda Wright
  • June 21-Krystal Simmons
  • June 24 Elena Guevara
  • June 28-Christine Barger

Thank You May Lunch Committee! The food was awesome. We appreciate the committees hard work all year planning this well deserved and delicious meals.

The Friends of Diggs Latham would like to show their appreciation for all your hard work and will hold an Ice Cream Social for you on June 11th at 3:10. Room 200. How Sweet. Thank you so much Quilla and Friends:)

End of Year Social

I have reserved the Meadowlands Clubhouse for our End of the Year Get Together. The hours will be 3:30-5:30.  It takes about 15 minutes to drive to the clubhouse from school. You would take New #40E to the Clemmonsville Rd. Thomasville 109 exit. I will send more details out later.We will get the cost information out to you this week.  Right now we have about 30 people signed up. We will have a great time socializing and celebrating a wonderful year with wonderful people.  IF you have not signed up and want to, please do so by the close of work today, so I can make arrangements with Little Richards. I will ask what options they have for people who do not eat pork. Let me know if you fall into that category so we can be sure to accomodate you:)  We will also be saying good-bye to Ali Sechrist, Skye Dorsett and Allison Murray-Nikkel.  We will miss all of them dearly. They are and always will be a part of our Diggs-Latham family.  

T-SHIRTs-Remember Monday is the last day to order your t-shirt. $10.00  I would like for as many of us as possible to have them so we can wear them to the 50th Year Celebration. 

Thank you Arts Team  and 3/4/5 Teachers and Staff for the GREAT Spring Concert. The students were EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!

Please read my comment for you at the end of the blog:)