Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Great Start To A New Year!

We had a pretty smooth start yesterday with only a few bumps in the road! Thank you for your attention to details. Some Reflections after yesterday:

  • There were a lot of wonderful things happening yesterday to set the tone for the year.
  • I saw a lot of smiles:)
  • Make sure you know precisely how the child is getting to and from school, if not notify the office first thing in the morning.
  • Never let another person take a child home unless you have a note or a verbal verification from parent(even if it is a relative).
  • Keep a clipboard of names or come up with some kind of organization so you know who you put on the bus or took to car riders.  We are responsible for the children and where they are from the time they leave the classrooms til they are safely on the right bus or in their family car.
  • Thank you for pitching in during lunch.  We were done on time. We have a work order to put clocks in the cafeteria.
  • Make sure to get your attendance in first thing.
  • Today, the Group N-Z will be attending Kindergarten.
  • We need all hands on deck in the morning and afternoon for this week, so if you do not have a duty, please be sure to help us out with directing students, parents, etc...
  • Be sure to wear your name badge, ID.
  • Supervise playground carefully, we had a few mishaps yesterday.

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