Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 6, 2012

Today is Thursday.......Have a Wonderful Day!

This and That.......

Thank you to Tryla for organizing the Science Fair.  Parents can come and visit between 1 and 6:00 today.
Thank you to the ARTS Team for painstakingly reviewing and revising the Duty Free Schedule.  We will get a copy out to you and if you have any concerns or comments, please send to our SIT Chair, otherwise if we do not hear from you today, the plan will take effect on Monday.  "At this school we work together to solve problems" truly works here.  We had a problem, we put our heads together and worked to resolve the problem. I am proud of your efforts. GO TEAM.  A special thanks to Amanda Gordon and Coach McNeil.  They are also working feverishly on the Nutcracker. Mrs. Stevenson has been making costumes and props for months now.  Over 200 children will particvipate.
You should have received a copy of the viewing schedule for the Science Fair from Ms. Green. Please adhere to times so we can stay on schedule.
I haven't received any mid-Term PDP responses yet.  You still have time, but be thinking about your evidence.  Mid-year reviews will focus on goals and data, Dibels, EVAAS, etc...You just need to bullet or script your evidence on the Mid year PDP and send it back to your administrator for approval. If everything is ok, we will not need to meet. Check previous blog/email for PDP due date and marki it on your calsendar. Also, make a decision about who your peer evaluator will be for those of you who were sent emails saying you needed to choose a peer to evaluate you. Work out an observation time.
REMINDER-Mid-Term Interims go out December 11th.

Information about the 20th

Several people have asked about doing special projects, crafts, etc.. on the 20th. It is fine to deviate a little from  your normal routine as long as you are doing some educationally sound activities that you can tie into the curriculum with reading, writing or math, or art/music.  You can do a special snack during your lunch time or in the room at the end of the day. If you will not be eating in the cafeteria, let our manager know ASAP. Remember that we will have the winter sing-along on that afternoon at 1:00.

GREAT SIT Meeting yesterday afternoon.  We worked together to solve problems. Way to Go!

LAPTOPS-The Laptops for fifth grade should be delivered in the next week.  Technology has pretty much set them up so they are ready to go when they get here.  They have worked so hard getting 10,000 laptops out to schools. Way to Go!

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