Thursday, December 13, 2012


Good Morning!

It feels cold enough to snow today!!!!!  I am at an Elementary Principal's Mtg. this morning. I will be back right before the 1:00 Dress Rehearsal.  Please do your best to keep the students as actively engaged in academics.  Any change in routine can cause good behavior to falter a bit.  Students will be excited about the program.  We will start calling students lower to higher at approx. 12:45.  PLEASE do not bring your students until they are called.  Mrs. Kennedy or Ms. Frazier will make all calls beginning at 12:45.

Be sure to get your PDPs done and signed off on. Directions are on an earlier blog.
Everyone is expected to be at our school performance tonight unless I have talked to you.  We are a school family therefore we support each other.  We will also need extra help with helping people get seated and passing out food bags. There will be an evening sign in sheet in office by sign-in computer.  Your support for our school is very much appreciated.

TOY nominees will be recognized tonite and the TOY will be announced! Congratulations to all.

PLease be sure that if you send a student to the office that they have a D1 and that the D1 is given to office personnel. Ms. Frazier and I are often out of our offices for hours at a time and will not see ones that are put by our doors or on our tables.  Give to Ms. Kennedy, Mrs. Wolfe or Mrs. Martinez.  They can find us.

Have a great day. Remember the spelling bee is tomorrow at 9:30. Students in grades 3/4/5 are invited.

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