Sunday, December 9, 2012

Monday, December 10th

Giving Back

This time of year it is so important to be thankful for all we have and to give back when we can.  I thank all of you who found it in your hearts to volunteer your time at Candle Tea for Home Moravian Church.  I volunteered twice last week and loved every moment of it.  My husband and I worked the front door Saturday night and it was my job to talk to the people in line.  I met many wonderful and interesting people.  Even though some of them had been in line for over two hours, they were happy and cheerful.  One man let me know that he has been coming to Candle Tea for 41 years.  He said it wouldn't seem like Christmas without the trip.  I met people from Greensboro, Hillsboro, Advance, Ashville and Ashboro and on and on.  I even saw a few of my colleagues from other schools.  It was indeed heartwarming and I know that we are all so thankful to have Home Church as our partner. Remember that we will be putting together food bags this afternoon in room 200 to be given to our families in need after the nutcracker. I hope to see as many of you there to help as possible.  We will have several volunteers from the church.  I am so thankful for a caring and supportive staff.  You keep on giving and keeping children as the important focus of all you do. I appreciate you.

The "Nutcracker" is Coming!

This is the week we have all been waiting for.  Our Arts Team has been working feverishly day and night to produce what will be a spectacular event!  Miss Stevenson and Ms. Farthing have been rehearsing the songs and dances, Mrs. Gordon has worked on the props and they are incredible. The rest of the team has also done much work to ensure the show is a success.  I know everyone will be here (PTA Night) to support our students.  Remember that we have a dress rehearsal this Thursday at 1:00.  I will need some volunteers to assist with crowd control and giving out tickets.  Thanks team:)

Items of Importance:

  • Dental Screening tomorrow at 9:00
  • TOY voting will take place this week and announced on Wednesday.  More info. to come.
  • Mid-Term Interims go home Tuesday.
  • You should be working on your mid-year PDP evidence and send me  or Cheryl an email with Mid-Year PDP in subject line.  Bullet your evidences.  If it is complete, we will tell you to sign off on it.   PDPs need to be received and signed off on by December 17th.
  • Committee meetings tomorrow after school. Be sure to keep an agenda and attendance record.
  • Spelling Bee this Friday for 3/4/5 at 9:30.
  • Thank you to Tryla Green for her leadership in implementing the Science Fair! :)
  • Second Round Observations will begin this week and CWTs will continue as usual. Also, don't forget that your acquisition lesson plans are to be emailed to me and Cheryl. You can send a paper copy if you wish.
  • Faculty Meeting on the 18th/Differentiation Training and Some Cheer. 
  • Miss Hemingway is planning her upcoming wedding to be held on December 29th. She is a "Wonder Woman". We are so proud of her.
  • Katie will rejoin us on January 22nd!!!!

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