Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wednesday, December 5th


Leveled Readers: Teachers, please be sure to turn leveled readers back in to the book room when you are done with them.  Please do not store them in your rooms as we are running low and we want to give everyone the opportunity to use them.  So, if you have any readers that you are done with, please turn them back in asap. Children are waiting:) Thank you.

Calling Substitutes: Just a reminder that all requests for subs should be put in before 6:00am the day of and before 9:00pm the night before.  The sub systems stops calling by 9:30.  For the past two days we have had to use PRTs to cover classes because we could not get subs. This puts us in a difficult situation. This is not the ideal situation and our PRTs and assistants have been very gracious about filling in. We appreciate them, but please be mindful of this. If you know you have to be out, please put your request for a sub in before these times.  We know there are emergencies that can't be helped but if we have a heads up, we can try to call subs ourselves. It is extremely difficult to find available subs in the morning.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Be on the lookout for an information email from Ms. Studevent concerning IST Referrals.

School Supplies for Staten Island Elementary School:

Thank you to everyone who have donated school supplies to be sent to Staten Island.  We will send them next Wednesday so please be sure to donate if you are able.  The counselor from Lewisville Elementary is our contact.  Thank you for helping thos less fortunate.

Have a great day!

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