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Blog for the Week of December 17-20th

Happy Holiday Week- 4 Busy Days Ahead......

Diggs-Latham has been selected along with 5 other elementary schools to try to break the Guiness Book - World Record by having the most students Zumba at the same time. The event will be held at Benton Convention Center on Friday, February 1, 2013. Our 4th and 5th graders will participate, led by trained instructors. They will Zumba for 30 minutes.  It also ties into an African Zumba Unit to be done in Dance class and Jump Rope for Heart kick-off. There will be a short health fair at the convention center as well that will be both educational and an opportunity to participate in heart health activities. This event is sponsored in conjunction with the GO RED for Women Kickoff, the Mayor's Office, The YMCA, Hanes Brands and others.
I just met with the committee late last week but think this will be a wonderful opportunity to promote heart health, healthy eating, zumba and jump rope for heart.  The students would leave school at approx. 8:30 and be back in two hours.  They would bring a bag lunch. I will get more details out to you as I receive them.

Happy Birthday to Tryla Green (December 14th) and Terri Byers (December 27).  We hope that they had or will have a wonderful birthday.  January Birthdays include:
  • Mr. Holmes on 1/3
  • Gail Hayes on 1/5
  • Alberta Perry on 1/16
  • Sidonna Brown 1/17
  • Jenny Jacobs 1/23
  • Suzanne Asbury 1/27

Notes for the Week:  Today's Blog will cover the entire week

  • I have IEPs scheduled this morning for 7:30/8:00/9:30

  • Walk-Throughs and Observations will continue:)

  • PDP Mid-Term Evidences are due today.  I still need PDP evidences from 8 of you.  Remember to go on to McRel. Bullet your evidences and then send me an email with PDP Mid-Year in the subject line and I will review and send you an email back to sign off. Be sure to do that as soon as you get the email so we can be in compliance.  Do the same for Cheryl if she observes you.  Make sure your mentor signs off as well if applicable to you.

Administrator's Days of Christmas!

Hot Chocolate with all the fixins on December 18th
Reindeer Mix  on December 19th
Breakfast Treats on December 20th
Faculty Meeting Tuesday-We will have 45 minutes of Differentiation Training  with Barbie and Connie and then you are invited to stay for snacks, goodies and fellowship courtesy of the Fall Festival Committee.
Winter Sing Along for everyone will be Thursday at 1:00, not 11:00

The Events at Sandy Hook Elementary-

I cannot even begin to express my sadness, horror and grief over the events that took place in Ct. I can only imagine what those teachers and children must have gone through.  The faculty and staff were prepared and did all they could to protect their "babies" just as we would have.  My heart and prayers go out to the families, students, faculty and staff of Sandy Hook.  A dedicated and devoted Principal and brave courageous teachers lost their lives in a senseless act of evil.  I spent most of this weekend as I am sure many other principal's did thinking about our safety plans and fine-tuning them to see if there is anything more we can do to keep our kids safe.  Our Lock Down Drills are very important as are all our drills.  Dr. Martin has posted some resources on the WSFCS District page to offer tips on how to talk with children and offer support to all of us.  We do have counselors and resources available if you need them.


Please do your best to keep your schedules as normal as possible given the week. Don't sweat the small stuff. Take a deep breath and thank goodness you are teaching these incredible children.  New opportunities abound everyday to help them develop their minds, bodies and hearts! You are their role models and their heroes whether you know it or not:) Thank you for your patience, devotion and dedication to our children.  You are the best teachers and staff anywhere.  From my family to yours, I wish you a restful break, lots of hugs and smiles and surprises.  Happy Holidays!

Congratulations to Miss Hemingway who will become Mrs. Secrest over the Holiday Break!  We will be thinking about you on your special day!  All of our blessings:)

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