Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Thursday!

Good Morning!  I am meeting with Rebecca Nussbaum here this morning from UNSA School of the Arts to discuss a Arts in Residence program here for the Fall.  It will tie the Arts and Science together.

Reminder again to recover content areas in preparation for testing if you have retesting in your room. 

If you are planning NOT to eat in the cafeteria for any reason, you should have notified the cafeteria manager already.  If you haven't done so and you are planning to eat in your room for any reason, let the cafeteria manager know today, first thing.  Thank you.  The cafeteria works hard to plan meals for the last weeks of school.

Remind students that there is no school on Monday for the holiday.

Reminder to keep things as structured and normal as is all possible until the last day of school. Please be sure to keep eyes open and supervision stepped up at the playground.  I discourage videos unless they are educational and all videos should be sent in to me for pre-approval.  The last weeks of school are great times to get in literacy units, social studies and science projects and all skills you think the students still need reinforcement in. It is also a great time to tie the arts into content areas:)

Kindergarten Screening tomorrow morning in the gym.   HAVE A TERRIFIC DAY.     

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