Friday, May 11, 2012

It's Finally Friday!

What a very, very, busy week we have had.  Thank you all for your hard work and dilligence in keeping the children focused and on track.  I am sure they will love the pep rally this afternoon.  Thank you to Ms. Green, Mrs. Moran and Ms. Taylor for planning this event.  Also, thanks to all of the teachers who have helped behind the scenes.

PTA will provide lunch from Subway today.  They have been just awesome this week. I know you appreciate them as much as I do!  Thank Mrs. Robinson when you see her.

Mrs. Lizarazo's family and my husband and I and Nohora's husband were in attendance last night to watch our very own Mrs. Martinez graduate from Forsyth Tech.  She looked beautiful in her blue cap and gown.  Way to go Nohora!  We are so proud of you.

DUE TODAY-GRADES 3-5 LESSON PLANS for next week.  Gloria and I both have sent reminders.  Thank you for turning them in on time:)

Please monitor students in bathrooms.  It is necessary to go back to the logs.  Yesterday, we had two very unfortunate incidents.  Someone has been "Decorating" with toilet paper in the 4-5 hall.  Someone had to see who did this.  In the A bldg., we had kids throwing away stacks of new paper towels and two distinct messes left.  Please take time to talk to the children about not wasting toilet paper and paper towels.  When we are out, we are out.  Students from k-2 have also been leaving their classrooms at the end of the day, bypassing the Y and going up to the bathroom by the dance room. I have spoken to the Y about supervision.  Thanks for your help with this. Make sure they get to the Y.
As we head towards the last days of school, please be sure to spread out and monitor all the nooks and crannies of the playground.  Structured activities are great this time of year.  If you need a kickball or ideas for games, please see Coach.  We have had several issues from the playground.  Supervise, supervise, supervise:)  Thanks!

Saturday Academy tomorrow.  Mr. Holmes will open and close the bldg.  Make sure he is here before you enter so you do not set off the alarm. Have a great weekend.

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