Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Wednesday!!!

Happy Wednesday! Thank you for doing such an excellent job on your report cards.  Please follow through with conferences as needed.  Remember that Ms. Barger and Dr. Madison can assist with transportation, just give them ample time.

We have put a copy machine in the office in Bldg. B.  We are hoping that this will be of assistance to you.  However, you must be trained on the use of the copier.  Ms. Kennedy will send out an email asking grade levels, ESL, etc... when you would like to be trained.  After training, you may begin to use the copier.  Please be mindful that paper is at a minimum so be frugal and deliberate about what you are copying. 

Please remind students that the WFU Science Fair Workshop is this Saturday.  This is for students that came to Workshop 1.  A parent or guardian needs to attend with the child.

There will be a Differentiation Team Mtg. for those teachers who attended the UVA conference this afternoon at 3:15 in the conference room/main offiice.

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