Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday-Wednesday Blog November 5-9

Happy Monday-Wednesday!  Just thought I would consolidate the blog since people are in and out for workshops, conferences, etc...

  • John Powelson, Kristy Reece, Mary Tarleton, Gwen Wolfe-NOVEMBER 5th  WOW!
  • Brooke Hough-November 6
  • Susan Ingram-November 7th
  • Elizabeth Florez-November 14th
  • Liz Crookshank-Nov. 22
  • Nohora Martiniz-Nov. 25th
  • Vicky Beaver-Nov. 26

SIP Review-Please make sure that you add to the Action Steps that are in Room 200. There are many great things you do that we need to bring to light plus this also helps you to reinforce SIP Goals.  Thank you so much for your important feedback.  We need every grade level and specialists and Assistants and PRTs, ESL, etc....

Magnet Fair is fast approaching. The Arts Team is working on a rehearsal schedule to get kids ready for the January 5th performance.  Of course, they are also working

Congratulations are in order to our 5th Grade Team for EXCEEDING Expected Growth in EVAAS in Math!!! Way to Go Team!

Congratulations to Julissa Knight/Star 3 Teacher Leader whose name was drawn to attend the Star 3 Leadership Trip to the Ron Clark Academy on November 16th.  I am so excited about what she will bring back to share with us!  Have fun Julissa!

The Hospitality Comm. would like to remind you to join.  They do wonderful things for our staff.

Please be sure to contribute to the United Way,  We are all touched by them in some way.  They help our students in a number of ways. No amount is too small. Let's see if we can get 100% participation.  I challenge all the administrative interns in the building to help Kristy and Sidonna to find creative ways so we can meet and exceed our goal!

Our PTA Council Dinner to honor Teachers of the Year will be this Thursday evening at 6:30 in Clemmons. Mr. Friel will represent Diggs-Latham. We are so proud of him.

The 2nd WFU Science Fair Workshop will be held on November 17th (Saturday) from 10-12. Remind your students who attended the first session.

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