Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday and Tuesday November 19th and 20th


Charitable Affairs:)

Quilla Smith from Good News Club has placed some boxes decorated like Turkeys in the office. Her organization is collecting canned goods and food for some needy families for Thanksgiving.  Please try to bring an item to add to the boxes tomorrow if you are able.  She would appreciate it.

Secondly, Home Moravian is helping us by buying food to make up about 150 food bags to be given to families on the night of our Holiday Musical.  In the bags will be pasta, sauce, canned vegetables, sweet potatoes, rice, beans, etc...We need volunteers on December 10th to help us fill the bags.  The more help we have the faster it will go. We will do this on the stage and then move the bags to the side or in a room so they will be out of the way of the production.  Please help if you can.  This is very generous of Home Moravian.  They wanted to help in some way to provide food during the holidays for our families.  Sue Mercier (UNCG) and Mr. Hairston (Time Warner Cable) gave gift cards and cash to purchase some coats for needy children.  I was able to purchase 4 coats, 4 pairs of gloves and 4 hats and some underwear for the clothes closet.  I purchased the coats in two sizes.  If you know of a child who does not have a coat, please let me know. Summit School Students in 6th and 7th grade would like to come over and read to the students in the lower grades. I will send that date out soon.  We will also be having students  from a local Baptist Elementary donating items for our spare clothes closet!  Hooray!

As you know the residents of Staten Island NY suffered great loss during Hurricane Sandy.  Dr. Martin would like for each school to pitch in and help if we can.  Several elementary schools are going to be sending school supplies to a specific elementary school in Staten Island.  If you would like to help, please bring in school supplies next week by Friday (box in the office) and I will get them to a volunteer who will take them along with donations from other elementary schools to Staten Island.  This particular school was hit hard and lost a lot. The elementary school is Dongan Hill Elementary School.  Let's Help:)

Classified Employees

Remember to take your 15 minutes before and after school to cover your one hour for the Thanksgiving Recess.


Our Diggs-Latham office will be closed on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
The Administration and Office Staff hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving recess filled with family, food, and a little fun!!!!!

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