Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23, 2013

Good Morning! It is a cold brisk day, so be sure to keep warm today.  Happy Birthday Jenny Jacobs!  UNCG Interns are here today:)

Family Affairs....

Mr. Gilliam is home from the hospital and recovering. Mrs. Gillliam will be out this week helping him recuperate.
Mr. T. will have surgery this week to help with his pain. He will be out about 4 weeks.
Mrs. Crookshank and Joanna came by yesterday to say Hi to all.  Brooke is still bandaged up from her fall and many other staff members have had or have one form or another of the stomach flu or respiratory infection.  Dr. Madison is also out sick today.
Please keep all these families in your thoughts and prayers as they are truly needed and appreciated.  Everyone else, follow Nurse Hall's advice and continuously wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. It does help cut down on germs being spread.


We have asked "School Pictures" (our picture company) if they would make new ID badges for us and they have agreed. They should be here shortly. There will be badges for those who had their individual pictures made. This will be a big help to us.

Report Cards....

Remember to let Mrs. Brown know when you are ready to have your report cards run. Please read over them carefully so we can catch errors and not have to print them twice. I truly appreciate your help and attention to details. Please give k/1/2 to Cannon in a folder with your name and grade and 3/4/5 to Ms. Frazier in a folder as well. Report cards are due to us tomorrow afternoon.

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