Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Tuesday!!!!

IC Meeting...

Thank you to Shakila Faqih, April Washburn, Cheryl Frazier and Danielle Friel for showing impressive leadership at our Instuctional Coaches Meeting yesterday. They displayed confidence and knowledge when describing common core, our tutoring program and our assessments. Dr. Martin, Steve Oates, Ken Simington, Janie Costello and many other program managers were present. I am so very proud of them. Our meeting went very well and I believe the teachers present painted an accurate picture of a challenging common core integration which we are all working through and learning together. Thanks ladies for a job well done!

Committee Meetings...No Star 3,

Please share your agendas with me via email on Wednesday.

Family Affairs Update...

Continue to pray and keep Mr. and Mrs. Gilliam in your prayers. He is in Intermediate Intensive Care at Forsyth Hospital.

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