Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday, March 30th

Happy First Day of Spring Break for most of you!!!  I want to congratulate Miss Stevenson and the Third Grade students for a wonderful performance last night.  It was Awesome!!!! Parents were coming up to hug me last night in appreciation for our staff giving the children this opportunity.  Please wish Amanda Gordon well as she has an Art Show on display now in which she has worked very hard. She has spent many hours mounting the art work for display. The art is gorgeous. Check out Kendra's LTM Room.  She has spent a lot of time creating an incredible Data Board that really displays our academic data quarter to quarter. We appreciate her taking the time to create this important and informative display. Hooray for Pre-K! They did an awesome job preparing for their audit.  They have had a lot of visitors. It was a piece of cake because they are wonderful everyday of the week all year long.  Kudos to Cassandra and Cheryl for all of the work they put into our Title I Audit. We had everything we needed. Dr. Madison has done a fabulous job with the Family Involvement notebook. Way to Go! Family Affairs-Kristy's son had his tonsils out yesterday and is doing well:)  Mrs. Crookshank's husband Dan is doing well after his procedure. FYI...The Multi-Cultural Parade for Fifth Graders will still be happening. Any volunteers willing to help students with costumes and artifacts,  please see Mrs. Uhrig.  We need you. She will send out a list of kids and their countries. Thank you all for your hard work. Please take these few precious days to have fun with your families and recharge your batteries. You deserve it. We are all a great team and I appreciate each and everyone of you. See you soon.

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