Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Good Morning and Happy Monday.  I wanted to pass along some information to from our Assistant Superintendent. In order to fulfill DPI requirements I need an email from each of you stating that all students requiring PEPs indeed have a PEP.  Please send the email to the attention of Sarah as she will document all have been received. This document will stay on file in my office.  This documentation is to support a similar verification that is required of the Superintendent. Please make sure that ALL of your PDPs have been done and are complete to this point.  We will be checking. If you are having trouble getting a parent in to sign one, arrange with Mr. Madison to get an appointment set up so that he may try to contact them or provide transportation.  It is your responsibility to make sure the PEP is a working document. I know many of you have already completed these and have written one for everyone who needs one.  Please stay on top of this.  If there are problems, please see me at once.

Also, from Steve:
Please review with your staffs the proper protocol for children getting physically hurt at school. My basic rule of thumb is that at a minimum, if a child is in enough physical discomfort to complain to the teacher the parent needs to be notified. Not necessarily to come pick up the child but as an alert for the parents.
I believe we at DL do a pretty good job at this so let's continue to do so.  Document injury or illness, send child to the office, if it is an accident, be sure to fill out accident report. Call parent.

I have LEA training/ refresher at the end of the day.
Welcome Back Mrs. Crookshank!  Danielle will work with her during reading workshop and math to ease the transition this week.
Mrs. Frazier will be back 1/2 days starting Wednesday morning, and full time on Monday.  Friday will be Mr. Gale's last day.  He has been an incredible asset to our team and will be missed very much.

The program on Friday afternoon was outstanding!  Thank you all for your dedication and hard work.

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