Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fifth Grade Science Quarter Testing Today.  Thank you to Gloria and all proctors and test administrators for doing such a great job with the implementation.  Also, Kudos to Mrs. Wynns and Ms. Magness for being flexible today and taking on additional responsibilities.

  Thank you to K-3 teachers for providing us a list of students who would benefit from BELL Services Summer School Program. 4th and 5th grade recommendations will be compiled by WSFCS based on assessment data. It is being run by a private company and will look much different this year as a FIVE week program with morning academics and afternoon enrichment.  Students will also take field trips each Friday.  Thank you to Audrey for compiling the list so we could get it turned in on Tuesday.   Space is not guaranteed, and will be decided upon yet to be determined eligibility rules, It is my understanding that there will be a lottery.  More info. to follow.

Below is some additional info from our state DPI.

Teacher Working Conditions:  School information Packet Delivery - NCAE representatives will receive information regarding the Teacher Working Conditions Survey within the next two weeks. Every school will receive a package and, for schools without an NCAE representative, packages will be addressed to the principal. Principals, please give the packets to a teacher leader in your school for dissemination. Posters, access code information, help desk information and resource guides are included in the packets. More information may be found online at . 
Next Generation Assessments: Why online? - North Carolina has provided online assessments since 2005 when the administration of the computer skills test was completely online. The goal is that by 2014-15, all assessments will be administered online; this includes a new generation of assessments for grades 3-8 and high school subjects, as well as the SMARTER Balanced Assessments that will be online in 2014-15. Moving to an online delivery of assessments aligns with efforts already underway to provide online instructional resources, online formative and benchmark assessments, and online training and professional development for teachers. One other important reason that North Carolina plans to transition to online assessments is to take advantage of computer adaptive testing. As a governing member in the SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium, North Carolina plans to adopt the common assessments developed by the consortium, which are being designed in a computer adaptive format. A brief overview of the latest information on North Carolina’s online assessments can be found at . For more information on the SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium, please visit . Questions on online assessments may also be directed to Kayla Siler at

Next Generation Assessments: Benefits of Online Assessments - There are several benefits to administering assessments online versus paper and pencil. By moving to online assessments, we can offer assessments that are increasingly multi-part, media-enhanced, performance-based, and better representative of the depth intended in the new standards. Another benefit is the availability of Computer Reads Test Aloud – Student Controlled accommodation for eligible students. The online assessments also offer several universal design features such as larger font sizes, and adjustable background colors. Additional benefits include: universal design, virtual highlighter and calculator, flexible scheduling/staffing, storage space, test security, reporting and cost effectiveness. To learn more about the benefits and timeline for transitioning to online assessments, please visit or contact
EOQs all next week M-W with make-ups on Thursday.  Friday is an RS Day. Remember it is also a no workday for PRTs, TAs,Assistants.

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