Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Good Morning!  Thank you for a very productive faculty meeting yesterday.  I wanted to let you know that I have contacted Ms. Chandlar at the Teacher Warehouse and voiced our concerns about vehicles driving in the back during school hours.  We hope to remedy this problem.

After reflecting last night on our communication plan, I have decided that having each grade level complete 2 addition curriculum nights might not be necessary.  Therefore,  I am revising it so that we will have school-wide curriculum nights on Reading and Math and each grade level will do ONE additional.  I hope this helps.  Please know that it is a district wide mission to increase parental involvement. I will amend our plan to reflect the one grade level night.
Lock Down Drill for Friday is rescheduled.  The new date is September 28th at 9:30.  Ident-A-Kid has also been rescheduled for Thursday, the 20th at 1:00.  They are supposed to get new forms to us to send out to our children. Any money you have should be sent to Ms. Kennedy immediately.

Remember that on Monday, we will have an Arts in Residence performance at 8:45 for all grade levels.

If you are on the Data Committee and are able, I would like to meet with you Monday after school at 3:00. Reminder that all other committees will be meeting at 3:10 on the 18th.  Please keep minutes to be turned in.

There is Beginner Promethean Board Training this afternoon at 3:15.

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