Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

LOCK DOWN DRILL-Remember that this morning at 9:30, we will practice the lock-down drill. Everyone was required to view the video and sign-off that they had seen it.  We will make an announcement that we are under lock-down.  Please follow lock-down procedures immediately.  Remind the children that this is a very serious drill. 

WAKE FOREST DRAMA AND EDUCATION STUDENTS:  I have only heard from Grade 3 and Grade 4 concerning interest in being part of this great program in which students from Wake differentiate instruction based on your curriculum for 30-40 minutes a week from January to April.  Both Diggs and Latham have been a part of this program in the past and it has been very successful.  If your grade level is interested, let me know this morning by email.  Thank you.

Have a great day!!!!  Happy Friday!

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