Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good Morning!!!

Today is September 19, 2012.  Hopefully, we will not have a tornado drill today but don't be surprised if there is a fire drill! 

Thank you so much to my incredible staff and faculty for nominating me for Principal of the Year.  I am very honored. I found out yesterday that I am a finalist!  I will have an interview tomorrow (9:30) at Truliant and the winner will be recognized on October 2nd.  Thank you all, you make my job easy:)

I would love to have the minutes from each committee that met yesterday.  If you have your self-assessment done and ready to check off, please see Mrs. Cannon or Ms. Frazier toset up a date so we can meet with you and get that accomplished. Meeting should take no longer that 15 minutes.

SIT will meet this afternoon.  We will start off in the gym on the stage as we are going to pack the grocery bags with food for tomorrow's title I Annual Parent Meeting and PTA.  All certified staff expected to attend.

Our Instructional Coordinator's Meeting went very well yesterday.  Thank you Data Team!  You did an awesome job preparing.

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