Monday, September 3, 2012

A Few More Items of Interest......

This is poor BOLT! Our students left him in the dust.  Fear not though, because I did pick him up! I took this picture last weekend at the Trinity Center's Dash for Cash Event.  We will be receiving our  check for winning first place this week.  We can discuss how to spend it at our next SIT Meeting.  I was also given a check for $50.00 in my honor made out to Diggs-Latham ES for speaking at First Presbyterian's Stop Hunger Event last week. We will put that money to good use as well.

The Flexible BENEFITS REPRESENTATIVE will be here to speak with you at our October Faculty Meeting for those interested.

Happy Birthday in September to Stephen Friel 9/4 TODAY!
Melissa Baccari-September 6th
Linda Studevent-September 9th
Kim Hall-September -13th
Dr. Madison-September 17th

I sent out updated events email so please add these items to your calendar.   As part of the School Boards Contract with Bell Summer Programs, we are required to have our building open for their Testing 3 Saturdays in September.  The rooms used will be all of the first and second grade rooms, and the cafeteria. Bell will be testing from 7:00-2:00 on Saturday, September 8,15, and 22nd.  There will be no need for us to cover walls.  Thank you for your patience.

There will be a quick Mentor Meeting this Thursday at 7:30am.  All mentors and Mentees, please attend.  If you have a conflict, please let me know.

Oh, what a busy week it will be!  Please read post below since I did two for today.

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