Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Good Morning!  Thank you to Mrs. Jacobs, Mrs. Knight, Mrs. Martinez and Ms. Frazier for all their hard work with LEP Parent Night last night.  It was very successful and the turnout was great.  Mrs. Jacobs and Mrs. Knight disseminated a lot of very important information.

Remember that we will have a lock-down drill tomorrow morning at 9:30.  Please be sure to go over the procedures with the children.  Keep them out of sight.   Be sure to tell them that someone will jiggle their door knob so thay do not get frightened.  Review procedures that Mrs. Frazier sent out earlier.

I need to know this morning who would be interested in working for 40 minutes a week from Jan. to April with the Wake Forest Drama and Education Students. They will work with you and your curriculum to bring a subject like social studies or science to life.  They have worked with both Diggs and Latham in the past and would like to do so again. Please email me today if your grade level would like to participate. I also need the 30-40 minute block of time you wish to use.  Probably, your social studies or science time would be a great time for this.  This is differentiation!  Let me know.

Have an absolutely wonderful day!!!

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