Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Is Coming To A Close-September 29th-October 3rd

Congratulations to Emily and Ross!!!!

It was a glorious day for a wedding and we all had an awesome time. The bride was beautiful and Ross was very handsome. It was a very beautiful setting and the reception was incredible. All of our Diggs-Latham Family that attended had a great time:)  Another DL wedding?....Who will be next?


PDPs and Self Assessment and Orientation Sign Off

Please try to get these things done today.  I have been working with the mentor sign off for PDPs and think I got it to work. Give it a try. Don't forget to sign-finalize and mark complete.  

Mentor Logs are due to Miss Kennedy on the 30th.  Make sure mentor and mentee fill in comments. List every time you met formally and informally and your reactions.

NEW SIP PLAN VOTE- We have taken all of your comments and suggestions so far and put them into the plan with the exception of how we will better utilize PRTs. The faculty is a bit split on that so we will table it for now and revisit it next meeting.  Please read the the goals, strategies and action steps and vote yes or no on the ballot.  The plan will be sent to you Monday Morning.  There will be a paper copy and an electronic copy put out as well.  Please vote in the conference room by ballot. Please make suggestions/all are welcome. Check your name off after you vote.  We will send the plan to Steve Oates and Title I on the 30th in the am.  Please vote in the conference room by 3:30 Monday afternoon. Remember that this is a working plan and it can be everchanging to meet our needs.

Week at a Glance:

  • Pre-k and K teachers, be sure to see Ms. Kennedy to sign off on your NCAEYC documentation asap.
  • Cannon to District Targeted Reading Mtg. Monday

  • CoGat Testing this week/See Mrs. Perry's email for details. She has the planning down to a science. If you are not sure how testing will effect you, please ask Mrs. Perry
  • Mrs. Cannon will have her Principal of the Year Interview on Tuesday morning
  • 9/30 SIT Plan Due
  • 10/1 We will have Early Release Day beginning at about 1:20 in order to get everybody here. Please remind your students again.
  • DL Grounds Pride this Saturday, October 4th.
  • Arts Night coming up on the 9th.  
  • Fall Protraits the 17th
  • ALL Newsletters should be submitted already.

DID You Know?

Ross and Leslie, in collaboration with Fleet Feet will be creating and conducting a Running Club for our students. Fleet Feet will provide each child with a free pair of specially fitted running shoes. The goal is to get the students to run a 5K.  Thanks for the leadership Leslie and Ross. You ROCK!  Thank you Fleet Feet as well!!!!!


  1. Congratulations Ross and Emily!! Great photos!!!

  2. Congratulations to Ross and Emily!!! Thanks for all the staff at Diggs for supporting and helping with my students. We appreciate all you do for them.

  3. What a fun reception! Hate I missed the ceremony. Congratulations, Ross and Emily!

  4. Congratulations Ross and Emily! It was a nice ceremony and fun reception.

    September is ending on a busy note, and October is going to fly by with all the learning and school events taking place. #tigerpride

  5. Thanks for getting married Ross! It was a blast! Ok but really, who is next? I am ready for another fun wedding weekend!! :)

  6. The wedding was awesome awesome awesome Congrats Ross and Emily!!!! Also sounds like lots going on this week and we can do it! Glad I'm with such hard working people all throughout our school. You may not know it but I'm learning from you as a new teacher and loving the push to help our students get where they need to even when it's hard!

    Love Yall!!!