Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Fair is Here and So is Fall! October 6-10th 2014

Diggs-Latham Shows Off Artistic Ability at the Dixie Classic Fair

 Art on Display
A big thank you and congratulations to Mrs. Amanda Gordon and her Art Students for representing Diggs-Latham in Grand Fashion.  This display takes a lot of effort and we truly appreciate the work put in by students and Mrs. Gordon. A special thanks to colleague Zenyth Thomas who helped Mrs. Gordon with setup.  Now that is TEAMWORK!

Bully Walk This Saturday and Our Choral Students Are Performing!  WSFCS Bully Prevention Walk 10/11/14 at 8:15 am. We hope that you will all join us as we walk the mile to stamp out Bullying.  Last year we had a good size group of students, faculty members, staff, family members, etc...All are Welcome!  This is a photo from last year's walk.  

Diggs-Latham Dodge Ball-Thanks Ross and Emily!

We all had a great time last week at the Dodge Ball Game. DL staff floated in and out and a great workout was had by all.  This was also a great stress reliever!  Thank you to everyone who participated. Great Idea Ross!

Thank You to All Who Participated in Diggs-Latham Grounds Pride on Saturday Morning!

Thank you so much to the Grounds Committee for planning this terrific event. Students and staff coming together to beautify our grounds is truly admirable. It was a beautiful day and as a school, we so appreciate your giving up a Saturday.  I understand there are photos and I will put them on next week's blog!  Thank you Mrs. Ochoa, Mrs. Wright, Ms. Wynns, Ms. Magness, Mr. Wright and Mrs. Baccari.  If I left anyone off, please let me know as I am going by Dr. Frazier's list.  Thank you Dr. Frazier for having the building unlocked. I would have loved to have been there but my parents just sold their house and have to be moved in three weeks. I was helping them get ready for the big move to Florida:)  I am proud of you all for stepping up for our school!  THANK YOU.

Looking Ahead.........

10/6-Observations/Walk-Throughs     ITBS this week
10/7-4th and 5th grade Strings-WE WILL NOT CALL YOU. Be in the gym, seated and ready to go by 10:10.
10/7-Faculty Meeting 3:10  BRING your GREEN BOOK and be familiar with chapters 1 and 2.
10/9-Family Arts Night for Specialists, attendance is not mandatory for staff unless you are volunteering to help the specialists out:)
10/10 Book Worms Meeting for corporate volunteers at 9:00
10/11 Bully Prevention Walk at the Dash Stadium! COME JOIN US!

Family Affairs......Prayers and hugs to Mrs. Gilliam, Mrs. Hopson and Mr. Holmes as they continue to recover. We miss them all:)

Please Note: We will have workmen tackling the challenge of the erosion by the educator warehouse.  They will bring in some fill dirt, regrade and seed.  Keep your fingers crossed.  They will also be spreading the piles of mulch they left on the playground. They have been short handed.

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