Monday, April 8, 2013

Tuesday-April 9 2013

Please let Mrs. Brown know when you are ready to print your report cards.  Thank you to all those who have alredyturned them in. Remember, report cards will go home this THURSDAY in order to give you time to make any necessary corrections. All report cards should be given to administrators today. Thank you:)

Faculty Meeting this afternoon. Cheryl will run the meeting. Beth, Gloria, Linda, Julissa and Shakila are all part of the Differentiation Team and will conduct the Staff Development.  There will also be time for Comprehensive Needs Assess. Teams to meet after Differentiation Training to work on Data. This is optional but several of you asked for a little time during mtg.

I have a Joint Principal's Mtg. in the morning followed by a Title I Mtg. in the afternoon.

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