Monday, April 15, 2013

April 22-26, 2013
        Monies have been coming in.  The contest will run through April 30th.  Continue to bring your donations to help children with Leukemia and Lymphoma(Blood cancers). Everyone is a winner that helps with this effort and Olive Garden would love to prepare the pasta luncheon as a means of saying "THANK YOU" to the class raising the most money.
It is time to show our school is a "SCHOOL OF KINDNESS".  During the week of April 22-26, please bring your CHAINS OF KINDNESS to the Guidance Office.  I will display them around the school to see just how much kindness you have shown thus far.  One way of earning a link for kindness  is sharing for PASTA FOR PENNIES CAMPAIGN.
Our school is responsible for 12,500 links to help our entire school system reach 1 MILLION LINKS.  CAN WE DO IT?  YES, WE CAN!!!!!!!!   Thanks to all for what you have done and will do.

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