Thursday, January 30, 2014

Teacher Leader Needed for Valentine's Day!

On February 14th, I will be attending a special professional development planned by our Superintendent, Dr. Beverly Emory. She has retained author Eric Jensen to come to our district.  He has written a book: Teaching with Poverty in Mind:What Being Poor Does to Kids' Brains and what schools Can Do About It.  This is an incredible opportunity for a teacher. We have been informed that we can bring one teacher with us.  I would like to choose all of you but I can only bring one so.....If this topic excites you and you are willing to take on the challenge of disseminating this information to the faculty, please write your name on an index card and put it in my mailbox (outside my office door) by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon.  I will have Dr. Frazier pull out a name. I am really excited about gleaning this new information! The workshop will be held at Calvary Baptist Church.

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