Sunday, January 12, 2014

Brrrrrrr it's cold! January 13-17th 2014

Welcome to a Brand New Year: 2014.  May your year be filled with happiness, good health, and success!  Remember to build RELATIONSHIPS, Take RISKS and Get RESULTS!!!

Welcome to Allison Murray-Nikkel who starts her career in Kindergarten today!

We wish you the best of luck! 

MAGNET FAIR ON SATURDAY  WAS A GREAT SUCCESS!  Thank you to everyone who participated. Our students made us very proud.  Thank you Mr. Powelson, Miss Stevenson, Mrs. Gordon and Ms. Farthing, Ms. Pullen for helping to mann the table after the performance.  Thanks to Dr. Frazier, Ms. Batten (tiger) and the whole team for meeting the students at school at 8:00 and helping them practice and then get to the Convention Center. You all are the BEST!!!!  We had many positive compliments on our student's performance.


WFMY Channel 2 will be showcasing us and Parkland High School in a live feed Monday Morning. They will be here shooting live before 6:30. Parkland Students will go first and then we will be shot live around 7:45. Our 5th grade honors students will be live at 7:45.  They should be back in their classrooms before announcements for testing.  This is just one of many great opportunities that has come our way and we are grateful for the positive exposure. WFMY wants to highlight Magnet Schools!  Hooray for Diggs-Latham students and staff. You are the best!


Diggs-Latham-A Great Place To Be..............

We will begin giving tours on Monday and they will be running for two weeks. We have scheduled them for early in the day. Please keep in mind, we want our best foot forward so please remember to all have a level zero in the hallways, including adults.  A visitor to our school can quickly ascertain the climate in the building by the way we interact with our students and each other.  We do a pretty good job with this:)

  • End of Quarter Testing this week M-W for 4th and 5th Graders (Make-ups for 3rd graders)

  • Dr. Frazier will be out on Monday and I will be a Test Administrator for EOQ.

  • Faculty Meeting Tuesday-Same Agenda as for 1/7.

  • Cannon to present Homework without Tears in Parent Resource Room at 10:00am on Wednesday

  • Friday is the end of quarter 2, and CWT Action Sheets are due to Cannon and Frazier.

  • 1/20 NO SHOOL MLK Day

  • 1/21 Teacher Workday

  • 1/23 Report cards due to administrators by 3:00 (Frazier K-2) and Cannon (3-5)Please be on time as this is a short turn around time for us.

  • 1/28 Report cards sent home

  • 1/28 SIT Meeting (Begin looking at CNA)

  • 1/30 Math Curriculum Fair 5:45

  • 1/31 Grade Level Newsletters Due, Translations should be complete.

  • 1/31 All Peer Observations should be completed.

STAR 3 Incentive Pay Information

STAR 3- I have already met with all teachers in 4th and 5th grades to go over their Star 3 Bonus Information and have started meeting individually with k-3. I am hoping to have that complete by mid-week.  I could just put the letters in your boxes but feel it is important to give them to you in person.

Unfortunately, no schools in the district will receive the whole school bonus based on 2012-13 data. This is disheartening but as we knew, we expected the scores to drop due to the increased rigor.  However, the following grade levels will receive grade-level bonuses, as indicated in the pay plan available at

Ashley Elementary: 4th Grade
Diggs-Latham ES: 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Grade-CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
Gibson: 2nd Grade
Griffith: K, 3rd and Fifth
Hall-Woodward: K,1st and 3rd
Middle Fork: 3rd and 4th

Diggs-Latham did have several teachers who will receive individual bonuses. Grade level bonuses combined with any individual bonuses will be awarded in the January paycheck.  After you get your letters and  you have questions, you can direct them to Jon Brasfield.

Diggs-Latham Angels....Thank you so much to Barbie, Connie and Kate for the incredible Guided Reading Training. These trainings took a lot of preparation and time and we couldn't have any better trainers. We appreciate you so much!!!Thank you ladies. NOW, we are all on the same page, can use the same language and strategies.  We will talk more about this at our Faculty Meeting on Tuesday.



Who Said you couldn't be Creative in Disseminating the Common Core?! Mrs. Sapp incorporated Math and Measurement into a fun activity for students!

We have given away close to 30 coats, hats, gloves, etc... thanks to the generosity of our business partners and friends!  We thank them so much!



  1. Happy New Year to you all. I feel truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful group of educators. Thank you for all you do and the fact that you are consistently going above and beyond to grow our students and give our school a wonderful reputation. Thanks for taking care of our students and each other!!!!

  2. I, too, would like to thank Katie, Barbie, and Connie for all their help and guidance this year!