Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday, April 24th

Good Morning!  Testing Continues today. Please remind students to be on level zero when walking in the hallways in both buildings.  We do have a SIT Mtg. today at 3:15.  A short film was shot in our preschool by Channel 2 Cable News.  Brooke and I will travel to central office today to help narrate the short film.  We are so very proud of both our preschool classes!

HELP!!!!!!!  EMERGENCY!....We need 10 round white cloth tablecloths and 2-3 rectangular tablecloths for this Friday's volunteer brunch?  Does anyone's church have any we can borrow for the day? We will launder and return on Monday.  Also, if you have any pics you snapped of volunteers working in your classroom, etc.., please see Mrs. Lewis.

Mr. Brasfield from Star 3 will need to meet with all certified teachers to take a quick survey.  I will give him some possible dates today and then get back to you.  The survey should take 20 minutes or so I believe:)

I still have a few Ron Clark tickets left if you would like them.  They are on my round table in the office. They are small and square.

Tim Beemon stopped in this morning and he looks wonderful.  He is really recovering well.  Now, if we could only get Stephanie some rest!

FYI....Dr. Martin's mother passed away in Georgia this past weekend.  Please keep Dr. Martin and his family in your prayers.  I do have his home address if you would like to send a card.

Have a great day!

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