Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Good Morning Everyone!  Today is Day 5.  The dinner last night at Home Church was wonderful.  The children and their families who attended were treated to Chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, salad and  cupcakes.  The church also set up arts and crafts at their tables.  There is an extra pan of Macaroni and Cheese in the lounge fridge so help yourself to a plate.  There is also leftover cake and snacks.
Our faculty meeting was chocked full of what I hope is useful information to you. looking at our CWT Data was very teliing in all the great things we do and then in the areas of needed improvement.  Please fill out your grade level's action plan and return them to me by next Wednesday.

E-MAIL-Friday at 5pm the system will shut down until Tuesday the 21st.  When we power back up we will be working in a using our new system. Remember that Jackie has scheduled a training for you to learn about the ins and outs of the new mail system. 

Remember that the budget is posted in the lounge if you have any questions, please ask.
Remember that Monday the 20th is a Common Core Training Day.
Don't forget to get a baby pic to Cassandra by Friday.

If you want to be part of Spring Secret Pals, please sign up in lounge by Friday.  This will start the first of March.

Remember that Hospitality will be presenting a "Soul Food" Lunch this Friday.

Good Morning!  Below is some good information from Pam Hensdale in our HR Department about SubFinder.

While we seemed to notice a slight decrease in absences just before the holiday break, we are seeing a greater percentage of unfilled or failed to fill jobs as we move through the month. We've seen several instances of the following, and are hoping that with these reminders we can help to avert spikes in unfilled absences.

* LATE ABSENCE ENTRIES: At approximately 6pm last evening, there were a total of 2 open jobs. This morning by 9:30am, there were 23 unfilled jobs. Of the 23 jobs, only 3 were entered by the employee yesterday, and of those 3, 2 were entered at 11:50 pm - at least 2 hours after the evening callout period had concluded. The other 20 jobs were entered this morning, roughly between 1am and 9am. While those jobs entered between 10pm and 5:30 am were included in the entire morning callout period; they missed the critical evening call out period for last evening. Please urge your staff to input absences as early as possible in order to optimize the call out opportunities. The evening call out period begins at 4:30 pm and runs through 9:30 pm or so. Absences input during this time have the benefit of being called tonight as well as tomorrow. Absences entered after 5:30 am tomorrow will be improperly queued and may not receive the priority they would have, had the absences been entered earlier. We certainly understand that children (and adults) do not fall ill conveniently according to our schedules - but the more notice given through the system, the better the chance a sub will see the job and pick it up.

* AM/PM:We are still seeing start or end times with incorrect time designators. Remember - 12 AM is MIDNIGHT, 12 PM is NOON. We also sometimes see 11:30 pm listed as the end time for morning half-day jobs and etc. Please ask your staff members to double check their time and date entries so that "typo's" don't impact their otherwise good intentions. Also, ask your onsite substitute coordinators to check their open absences for such errors and make corrections so as to avoid a failed call out.

* SUB REQUESTED VS PRE-ARRANGED: Please encourage prearrangement of subs whenever possible. The "Sub Requested" function limits the calls to the 1 sub whose name was requested by the staff member. Multiple calls are made to the requested sub until that person acknowledges the call with either an acceptance or a rejection. With "Sub Requested", the system does not attempt to call other subs until the morning of the absence, unless the requested sub has made a decision to accept or reject. If the sub has indicated that s/he does not wish to be called, the system will not phone the sub...nor will it phone another sub until the morning of the job Similarly, if the system does phone the sub and reaches an answering machine, there is no way for the system to leave a message....and so very often a "Requested sub" does not know s/he is being asked to accept a position. The Sub Office has begun attempting to phone the requested subs directly and advising them of the job opportunities. We often have mixed results - sometimes learning that the sub has schedule conflicts; and sometimes getting an acceptance. At least by reaching out, the sub knows someone has requested him and can accept or decline the job and allow the system to search for other subs if necessary. Prearranging a sub is a much better method to use in ensuring your preferred substitute is onboard and ready to work. Reach out to the sub, verbally confirm the sub's availability, and then input the absence as a prearrangement including the sub's information.

* ABSENCE CREATED BY ADMINISTRATOR: We also noticed that a good portion of Failed to Fill absences are input by the site's Sub Coordinator rather than the employee. That said, it then follows that a considerable amount of a morning's call out period was a missed opportunity. Please remind your employees as to how to input absences so that the call outs can begin as soon as possible.
Thank you again for your time and support. We hope that these observations when shared will be useful and will ultimately result in your absences being filled in an efficient and timely manner. 

Pamela S. Hensdale, SPHR
Manager, Human Resources

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