Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 18, 2012

Happy Saturday!  Our Saturday Academy students and teachers are busily working away as I write this. I wanted to give you some information from Bud Harrelson concerning Monday's training.  I hope that everyone has an enjoyable and productive day.

Day 3 of CCES professional development is fast approaching. Again, here is some information that will make everyone's experience more positive.
Unless we have discussed it, teachers should attend the same session they participated in on October 31 & January 23 . This is imperative due to our space constraints.

Encourage Car-pooling
Most of our training locations will have 450 participants. While we have chosen locations with large parking lots to accommodate this number of people, participants may want to consider car-pooling in order to reduce the amount of traffic.

We have a plan to stagger dismissal for lunch so that 450 people are not leaving for lunch at once. However, with the amount of traffic that will be created and only an hour allotted for the lunch break, participants may want to consider bringing their own lunch. Just a suggestion.

Start and End Times
While most sessions begin at 8:30, not all of them do. Please refer to the professional development spreadsheet for the correct start times. The March professional development offerings spreadsheet is attached.

Unfortunately we are still not able to accommodate your requests to send PRTs to the CCES RC day training. Please do not send them. The elementary ELA sessions are over capacity already.

Principals, APs and CCs
Principals, APs, and CCs are welcomed to attend the CCES sessions on the RC days. The ELA and math sessions are beyond capacity. If you choose to attend an RC day session, please consider attending science and social studies (we have lots of flexibility here).

Pre-Kindergarten Teachers
Pre-Kindergarten teachers will meet at the Special Services Center again.

Elementary Reading / Language Arts - Clemmons Middle
Elementary Math - Meadowlark Middle
Elementary Science - Sherwood Forest Elementary
Elementary Social Studies - Kimmel Farm Elementary
Pre-Kindergarten - Special Services Center (aka: Old Diggs)
Secondary English / Language Arts - Reagan High
Secondary Math - North High
Secondary Science - Mt. Tabor High
Secondary Social Studies - Parkland High
All Health/PE - Mineral Springs Middle
All CTE - Atkins High
All Foreign / World Language - Education Building
All ESL - East Forstyh Middle
All Visual and Performing Arts - Reynolds High
All Information and Technology - Morgan Elementary
All Media Assistants - Education Building

Please ensure that your faculty has registered for the appropriate session by 4:30 on Friday, February 17. Remember that some of the sessions in the professional development applied to all three days and some require participants to register for each day separately.

Sessions for teachers that do not fit into the categories outlined in the CCES deployment plan
Teachers who will not be attending CCES sessions on the February 20 RC day because they do not fit into the categories outlined in the CCES deployment plan may choose from the following sessions.
1) Academic Interventions for Struggling Students Part 2- Glenn High Media Center (This session will have different content covered from the October 31 and January 23 RC Days, so if a teacher wanted to learn more about interventions they may want to attend this session)
2) Content Area Literacy Strategies - Middle Fork Media Center
3) Differentiating the Classroom for Success - Philo Media Center
4) CCES:Culturally Responsive Pedagogy K-12 - Administrative Center, Room 384
5) CCES: Information/Technology-K12 - Morgan Elementary

If you have questions, please email me.


Bud Harrelson
Program Manager
School Improvement

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