Saturday, April 25, 2015

April Showers Throughout The Week! April 27-May 1

We APPRECIATE our Faculty and Staff!!!

Dr. Frazier and I have a great week planned for you during Teacher Appreciation Week which is May 4th-8th.  We hope that our gestures will show how very much we care about all of you and appreciate all of the effort and dedication you put into your work. 
  • Monday-I will make my home made Cinnamon Coffee Cake and we will have juice as well.
  • Tuesday-LUNCH from the new restaurant on Stratford in front of LA Fitness called PDQ.  For Teacher Appreciation, they will provide us with a meal consisting of 3 Chicken tenders, a bag of Chips and a Bottled Water.  They are donating this for us so I hope you will patronize them in the future. I plan to:)
  • Wednesday-This will be a "You can wear jeans day!"
  • Thursday-Chips and Salsa and Dip Day
  • Friday-A Variety of Bagels from Bagel Station in the lounge in the morning:)

Upcoming Events:

Book Fair
May 1- Volunteer Breakfast-Dana Caudill Jones-Chair of the WSFC School Board will be our guest speaker. We will have many visitors in the building that morning:)
May 5-Faculty Meeting
May 6-EOG Training
May 11th-Second Dairy O Night. Part of the proceeds come back to our school PTA. Come on out and bring your families!
May 13- Our Honors students have been asked to perform at Wake Forest University at Bridger Field House 2-5.

PDPs-Your EOY PDP should already be submitted to your Administrator:)  Thank you!

KUDOS....Shakila Faqih who hosted the State Power of K Meeting here at Diggs-Latham on Saturday.  There were representatives from DPI and teachers, coaches, from all over the state. It was a very successful meeting. Great Leadership Shakila.

KUDOS....... To Mrs. Farthing and our ALL County Chorus Students. They did an INCREDIBLE JOB and we are very proud of all of them!!!!
KUDOS........To Ms. Batten and Mr. McNeil for creating and executing the 5K Training Program for our Honors Students.  They represented us so well at the WSSU 5K to raise money for scholarships. 14 students participated and they really did "rock it"  I was so very proud of our students and teachers.  They had wonderful attitudes and showed true sportsmanship.  We  had a lot of families out there supporting us and cheering us on! Thank you to Clinard Grants, (of which Ross applied for) for providing the funds for us to participate, and to Fleet Feet who donated 20 pairs of running shoes for our kids. I am just beginning my training for a 5K to be held in June through Fleet Feet's No Boundaries  Program.  So excited.  Will train 2x a week with them and 2x on my own during the week.  Pray for me that I don't break anything:)  Dr. Emory encouraged all of her principals to try to do something for ourselves like running, walking, hiking or any activity that interests you. She said it will balance you out.  I encourage you to try the same thing.  Walking really helps to rid stress and makes you feel great so that you can tackle all of the other things that come your way.

KUDOS......To Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Farthing and Mrs. Morris. Their Honors students participated in Home Moravian's Original play , "HOME". In addition, Zenyth sang, "Deep River".  It was gorgeous. The students sang and played beautifully.  Everyone in the audience was very impressed.  These teachers took on this additional task on a weekend on top of the many other things they have had to do.  All of you repeatedly give up your weekends for our students. Thank you! You all do it for the children so that they may experience community events.  We all thank you for your devotion.

KUDOS.....Miss Prato and Ms. Batten for the very COOL Living Museum. Our Assistant Superintendent, just happened to drop in and was very impressed when students could answer pointed questions about their character.  Well Done Ladies!!

KUDOS....To Mrs. Ochoa and her whole team of teachers, students and parents who did an OUTSTANDING job cleaning, raking, planting, etc... to make our school look beautiful.  It really does look awesome. Her husband even carted in mulch.  They gave up their Saturday as well.

KUDOS....To ALL of our First Grade Teachers  (Ms. Brown, Miss Guevara, Miss Greenlee, and Mrs. Snider) and Mrs. McGregor for hosting Career Day for their First Graders last week.  You might have heard the Fire Siren! They were visited by a nurse, firefighters and the City Manager. Everyone had a great learning experience. Our District Social Studies Program Manager, Andy Kraft was here as well.

KUDOs...To Katie McGregor, Mrs. Bullin, Mrs. Faqih, Miss White, Mrs. Blasini and Mrs. Bostian and Connie Rogers and Nurse Hall and Ms. Barger, Mrs. Ochoa, Mrs. Wolfe, Ms. Almaguer, Dr. Frazier, Home Moravian Volunteers, Sarah Huddleston, Gwen and Jennifer (translators),  Gloria and Juliet for the planning and executing of a very organized and successful Kindergarten Registration .  Thank you to our wonderful Teaching Assistants who kept things productive and engaging in K and to our office staff who kept things moving in the office. I hope I didn't miss anyone.  I truly enjoyed meeting the children and their families!  We have some very bright students entering Kindergarten.  Our students that were screened did a fabulous job. Mrs. O'Brien, Miss Shoaf, Ms. Beaver and Ms. Smoot are really helping our Pre-K kids to succeed.  Way to Go!  Katie, you left no detail undone, a sign of a good leader:)

KUDOs to our Fifth Grade Teachers who held a Student's Author's Chair last week.  I heard a creative story about "cats".  Sharing Writing is a great idea!

KUDOS to Ms. Perry who has done a phenomenal job as Testing Coordinator. I am very proud of you.  Thank you to everyone who has assisted, been patient and flexible during what seems like continual testing.

KUDOs to Mrs. Sapp for getting 3 more of her transitional students successfully through the assessment. This is a great accomplishment. Several others were very, very close,  Beth is dedicated and determined. Great Job Beth!

KUDOS to all of our STAY teachers who have almost made it through their first year of teaching!!!!

KUDOS to Amanda Gordon as she has been very busy with Art Shows, mentoring, sets, etc.....!

Our Arts students are all preparing now for end of the year concerts and recitals as well as performing at the Volunteer  Breakfast.  Thank you TEAM!


  1. Wow....we have a very busy staff!! Great job, everyone! My students and I really enjoyed the Living Museum. We were impressed by how much her students knew about their person.

  2. Thanks to everyone that came over to the Living Museum on Thursday! The kids had a lot of fun and were excited that so many people came :)

  3. What a great staff to work with. Everyone helps each other out and does a great job collaborating. Thank you for making my students feel welcomed at Diggs.

  4. Our staff at this school amazes me sometimes. There is always something going on to involve the students, parents, and staff. I especially enjoyed the living museum. It gave my students a chance to practice their questions and interacting with others.

  5. Thanks for the informative blog post. It really helps us all understand how busy and committed the staff at DL is. I was excited to hear three more of Beth Sapp's student passed the recent assessment. Congrats to her and her students on their hard work. The ESL students and I enjoyed our time at the Living Museum.
    What a wonderful opportunity for our English language learners to practice listening and speaking skills. Great job Ms. Prato's class!