Monday, May 26, 2014

The Last Week of May - May 26-30

Field Day ..... A Great Success!

Students, Parents and Staff alike enjoyed great weather and a wonderful Field Day!  The clouds held off long enough for everyone to participate in a day of fun and games.  Thank you to Ross McNeil and his team for planning and implementing a successful event!  We are all very appreciative of  the volunteers who gave their time so generously.  I saw many instances of great sportsmanship.  I would also like to thank all of the subs we had in the building that pitched in and led classes through the stations.  Way to go TEAM!

Kindergarten Screening-Over Sixty Students Screened!

Kindergarten Screening took place two days last week. We had the opportunity to meet some adorable future students and their families.  The students had their pictures taken with our Diggs-Latham tiger, were screened and had a little time for play as we talked with families.  Can't wait til they become Diggs-Latham Tigers next year.  I would like to thank Barbie for facilitating the event and all of our faculty and staff who brought the event to fruition. We also had help from Connie Rogers and volunteers from the community. It took a village and everyone stepped up. Having the screening done early really helps us set up our classes for next year and will help us to meet the students where they are, academically and socially:) 


This week we will be conducting a lock-down, a fire drill and an Evacuation Drill. Please explain to students the importance and urgency of these drills as they are called throughout the week. This will be the first time we have conducted an evacuation drill. We will evacuate in an orderly fashion to the church parking lot next door.   We want to make it as straightforward as possible. We are planning to have all the students in the gym on Friday afternoon for the "I Can" celebration at 1:45. PLEASE BRING YOUR STUDENTS TO THE AUDITORIUM EARLIER AT 1:30 sharp.  We will call students on the loudspeaker beginning at 1:25. Please be ready to go. Once inside the gym, and seated, we will line up by grade levels, go out the side gym door, walk down the driveway to the sidewalk and then over to the church. WE WILL NOT GO DOWN THE HILL. We will line up in the church parking lot by classes. Please bring your rosters so we can count and account for all students. We will then walk back to the gym for the "I Can" Assembly.  In the future, the evacuation drill will be called randomly and we will follow a procedure in which classes leave the buildings and walk the sidewalk to the church. We do have the code and key for the church if we needed to be inside for safety purposes, in the future. Thank you to Pastor Wolfe.  Stress the importance of this drill.  We will also have a lock down this week in which Dr. Frazier and I will remove ourselves. A teacher will call the lock-down to the office and the office will proceed with the drill. There are occasions when Dr. Frazier and I are off campus at the same time, so it is essential that a lock-down can be successfully executed at any time. If you have any questions at all, please ask:)

What an Incredible Concert

Kudos to the Arts Team for the wonderful performances on Thursday Night.  Our musicians showed a lot of growth and talent and the 5th grade honors dance team once again showed how talented they are.  Mr. Powelson has taught both band and orchestra this year. This is not an easy feat but he has risen to the challenge. The kids were awesome.  Miss Stevenson handmade the costumes for the dancers. They have learned many dances this year and we are very proud of all of them.  Thanks to all the faculty and staff in this school, for making our students shine in many many ways!  

Teacher Working Conditions Survey

The results of the Teacher Working Conditions Survey have been posted. Once again, we will discuss these results at SIT, faculty meetings and in a small group setting. Please pull up the results at  NC teacher working conditions survey 2014.  You may google results. Please familiarize yourself with our results.

Congratulations to our Third Graders and their Teachers, Mr. Friel, Ms. Green and Mrs. Wright

Our third graders and their teachers are working so hard, all but eighteen have progressed through the Read to Achieve process. 

Week at a Glance:

  • 5/26 Memorial Day-Please take a minute today to reflect on our serviceman and women past and present who make sacrifices for our country everyday.  We honor them this Memorial Day.
  • 5/27 Cannon-Conference call at 1:00 and 3:15 Star 3 Leader EOY Presentations
  • 5/28  Third Grade Testing/5th grade Guest Artist visit
  • 5/30 Evacuation Drill and "I CAN" celebration 1:30.
  • 6/2 and 6/3 Extend 2 ELA and Math/EOG Science 5th grade
  • 6/4  EOG Reading
  • 6/5  EOG Math
  • 6/6 EOG Makeups
  • 6/9-11 Remediation         Fifth Grade Skate Trips June 10 and 11.
  • 6/10 Faculty Meeting
  • 6/12 EOG Retest and Awards Assembly for k-4 at 1:00
  • 6/13 Student's last day and 5th grade Celebration 9:30.
  • 6/18 Celebration of 50 yrs WSFCS-Dr. Emory/10:30 Coliseum Wear your T-Shirt. If possible, we would like every faculty and staff member to have one.

Please be sure to follow-through with End of Year checklist:)

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