Friday, February 14, 2014

TWO WEEK BLOG! February 17th-February 28th


CLINARD GRANTS-Thank you to all who have already applied for these grants. We are very fortunate to be one of the four schools eligible for this grant.  Tomorrow, February 15th is the last day to submit the grant.  Click on the letters NPR below to see a write-up from NPR and the words  Clinard Grant to get to the application. Good Luck Everyone!

We are on NPR  - Click the link to see a story on the Clinard Grants.  Remember they are due on the 15th of February.  

A Message from Theo Helm to clear up the question: "So when do we make these snow days up?"

It depends on whether/how much more snow we get this winter, but right now it looks like students will finish June 13, and then teachers will have eight workdays following (June 16-20 and June 23-25). Those are the four that were already scheduled, the two that get moved because Feb. 17 and April 21 will be student days now, and two that became workdays after the first two student days didn't have to be made up. (If they worked either/both of the optional teacher workdays on Jan. 30 and 31, then obviously they wouldn't work June 24/25.)

Teachers and most other 10-month employees are required to work 215 days, which includes 180 student days, 14 workdays, 11 holidays and 10 leave days. Because students are not making up the first two snow days, teachers will now work 178 student days and 16 workdays. If they count the days in the calendar, they'll see they're still working the same 194 days.

As for TAs and PRTs, those who work 208 days will now work 178 student days and 9 workdays. Those who work 202 days will now work 178 student days and 3 workdays. We haven't slotted those workdays yet, but I would imagine they'll be the first couple after the last student day.

Please Remember to Support the Arts!  See Amanda if you have questions:) 

Planning is underway for our Black History Celebration and Assembly. We have invited many special guests. Mark your calendars-Assembly will be 1:00-2:15 on February 28th.  Thank you to our committee and their Chair-Amanda Gordon for all their hard work.  This is a big undertaking:)


Literacy Committee

Our Literacy Committee under the direction of its Chair-Ms. Batten have begun working on plans for our "Read Across America" Celebration. Please be sure to read her emails and be flexible in meeting as she needs all hands on deck for the planning of this and other upcoming literacy events. 

IC Meeting will be Tuesday, February 18th at 3:30 in Room 200.  Many of you are involved in this meeting.  See my email from a few days ago for details:)

Lunch Bunch for Boys will be Tuesday for all Groups except Mrs. Cannon's. My group will meet on Wednesday due to NISL Training.

Evaluation Post-Conferences will be scheduled throughout next week for those teachers assigned to Mrs. Cannon. I look forward to talking with you about your craft:)

Parent Resource Meeting on Improving Self-Esteem and Stamping Out Bullying February 19th at 9:00am presented by Ms. Studevent


  • I will have the building open next Saturday, February 22nd for a NCDPI staff development if you wish to come in. Hours will be 9:30-2:30.
  • 2/25-Mid Term Reports go out and there will be a SIT Mtg. at 3:10.
  • 2/27-Star 3 Teacher Leader Academy
  • 2/28-Black History Assembly 1:00-2:15

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