Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Superintendent to Visit Diggs-Latham

Breaking News:)
Diggs-Latham has been selected as one of the schools that will be visited by our new superintendent next Wednesday.  It is very exciting for our school.  He/She (don't know) will visit us next Wednesday from approximately 11-12:00.  The new superintendent will eat lunch with us in the cafeteria and then tour the building.  I am so proud of you all.  It is important that we put our best foot forward and make sure our school looks its best inside and out.  I know Mrs. Uhrig had been planning a campus cleanup when we get a nice day so hopefully we will be able to do that before next week. Also, I think it is important that all teachers be in the cafeteria with their students on Wednesday, even if that is your Duty-Free Day.  I will give you more information as I get it.  This is very exciting news for our students and staff!!
Have a great day everyone.

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