Sunday, June 3, 2012

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Good Morning and Happy Monday. We have 4 very busy days ahead of us. We are still conducting make-ups. Please remember to keep things as structured and as on point academically as you possibly can.  Children should absolutely not be watching videos unless they have been  approved by office.  So far, we have only received one request from 4th grade. Be extra alert at recess and transition times. I am sure the children will be excited this week. We are required to perform a June Fire Drill.  We will hold the drill this afternoon at 1:05.  Please be sure to be in your rooms at that time. I wanted to give you the time because I know your schedules are busy and I respect your time.  We tried to hold it as close to the end of the day as we could.

  • Jennifer will be at a Lead Secretary's Mtg. from 8-2
  • Fifth graders will be on their skating reward trip from 11-2 Mrs. Dobson will accompany them and I will pop over for a bit.
  • Mrs. Sumner's class and Mrs. Baccari's classes will have their wax museums:) in the cafeteria at 1:45
  • Gloria will be back today! We missed her.
  • Thanks to Danielle for taking testing over in Gloria's absence.  You did a great job. Thanks as well to her great team.
  • The Arts Team did a fabulous job with Thursday night's concert.  The kids were awesome.
  • The Pre-K teachers held a transition to K mtg. for their parents and it was very well organized and attended.
BE thinking about what Star 3 Positions you want to have implemented next year.  Let your SIT Chair know so they can bring the info. to Tuesday's mtg.  The positions will pay about $2000. for the year. WOW!  Also, we will vote in officers at SIT, Mrs. Faqih will get the bylaws out to you for a refresher in the rules.

FIELD DAY is tomorrow:) K-2 AM/3-5PM  Coach has been very busy planning this event.  I know it will be a great success.

This weekend, I had a few minutes to reflect on our first year together and I couldn't be any more prouder of our students and you all for a job well done.  We have overcome a lot of obstacles and climbed a lot of mountains.  I thank you for your trust in me and all of the encouragement you have given me.  We are truly a team. Thank you.  I think I will be able to exhale on Friday.

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