Monday, January 19, 2015

Celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.(Week of January 19-23rd)


Diggs-Latham Teachers are Awesome!
WooHoo...We received FOUR grants.  Let's Celebrate!
Congratulations to four Diggs-Latham Teachers who were awarded 2015 Winter Clinard Grants for Innovative Teaching..  
I am so proud of all of you:

Amanda Stevenson
Melissa Baccari
Harrison "Ross" McNeil
Zenyth Thomas

I would also like to acknowledge all of the teachers who also submitted this grant. I am very proud of you as well.  This is a competitive grant.  Great job taking a risk!

FYI...EOQ was Friday, January 16th

Cymbre White!!!!!!

No School on Monday in honor of the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and on Tuesday, as it is a Teacher Workday (RS) Day.

 Make sure you let Ms. Kennedy know what your plans were for the RS day.

  • Grade Verification Reports are due to Mrs. Wolfe by 10:00 am on the January 21st.
  • Report Cards are due to administrators in a folder with your name on it by Friday.  Please be sure to read and re-read reports to catch errors. It is also helpful to read each others. Sometimes others can spot little things that we don't see after we have looked at them a million times:)
  • January 23rd-Dress as your favorite Hero Day! Please talk to the students about what a real hero is and might do. Their hero could be a favorite book character as well. Who is your hero?
  • Our Curriculum Coordinators have a meeting on Friday
  • SIT will meet on January 27th
  • Report Cards go home on January 27th
  • Make sure that you are scheduling conferences with parents and keeping them in the loop of academic progress. Your communication logs should be filling up.  If you are having difficulty contacting a parent, let us know, we have resources such as our home school coordinator and social worker.  Also, please keep PEPs up to date.


Just talked to Brenda Bourne about being able to put in peer evaluations in Evaluation TNL.  If you have not been able to put a peer evaluation name in, send me your names.  I will send them to HR on Tuesday and they will open up the rights.  People asked when these were due, they are due the week January 25th. Many of you have completed them. Once HR assigns you rights you can transfer your paper answers to rubric into system and then sign off on them.  

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