Thursday, April 3, 2014

Welcome Back! April 7-11th, 2014

Baby and Faculty Updates:  

Holland Jane is doing well as is Katie:)  Holland is adorable. Kate is out of her sling but her arm is still healing. Mrs. Lewis and Ms. Farthing and Ms. Faqih are also over the moon with their new grandbabies, who are just precious!   Congratulations to all.  Dr.Frazier is healing slowly but surely.  Her staples are out and she is using a cane instead of a walker.  Keep the prayers coming.  Shakila will be back on Monday. She looks great and is ready to return. Miss Hartman will stay one more day to help us transition .  Thank you Miss Hartman and Mrs. Lewis for all your hard work.


Congratulations to Vicky Beaver and Maeretha Hopson

Both Vicky and Maeretha were nominated for Classified Employee of the Year!  They will be honored at a reception honoring all the nominees from the Winston-Salem Forsyth County School System. The reception will be held at the Education Building in April.  Of course, we are very proud of all our classified employees.  You all work so very hard for our students and our school.  We appreciate you.  

This Week at a Glance...

  • 4/7 Eric Jenson Presentation-Amanda Stevenson will represent staff
  • Ms. Faqih returns on Monday
  • 4/9 Mr. Powelson to Magnet School Meeting
  • 4/9 District ELA professional development 3:30-5:30 in the gym
  • 4/10 Report Cards due to administrators (k-2Cannon and 3-5Frazier/Grace)
  • 4/10 3rd Grade Parent Night/Miss Guevara Parent Night/Mrs. Ochoa Parent Night
  • 4/12 Saturday-District Pre-K Screening to be held here 8-5
  • 4/14 STAY Banquet-Promise Awards
  • 4/15 3rd grade Field Trip/Faculty Meeting and report cards go home
  • 4/16 Spring Pictures
  • 4/17 Elementary Principal's meeting and Spring LEP Parent Night
  • 4/18 Holiday
  • 4/21 Snow Make-up day
  • 4/23 Secretary's Day-Let kids know in case they want to make cards at home:)
  • 4/24-4th Grade Raleigh Trip
  • 4/29 SIT Meeting
Our next IC Meeting will be a different format.  A team from Central Office made up of Steve Oates, Ken Simington, program managers, etc. will visit classrooms during the day.  This visit is scheduled for the 22nd of April but I have a conflict because of NISL Training so I will keep you posted. 

More to come......

Elements of 21st Century Learning

As we begin a new quarter, I wanted to remind you that 21st Century Skills for students can include many topics.  Some 21st century themes would include:
  1. Global Awareness
  2. Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy
  3. Civic Literacy
  4. Health Literacy
  5. Environmental Literacy
This Evaluation Standard really has to do with your ability to bring the outside world into your classroom. You all have done this so creatively by incorporating it into the standards you already teach.  Teaching children to be organized, problem-solvers,visionaries and creative risk takers are all part of teaching 21st century skills.

Writing-A Core Skill

There is a great article in this month's Educational Leadership magazine entitled: What Writing Is & Isn't by Jeff Anderson.  Here is a synopsis:
Writing Is:
  • A transaction between writers and readers
  • A skill that can be learned
  • An Igniter of Passion and Freedom
  • Writing is connecting to an audience
Writing Isn't:
  • In a kit or program
  • Test Preparation
  • Memorizing parts of speech
  • Separate from Reading
Let me know if this interests you and I will make sure you get a copy of the article. It is interesting.  Writing is a joy to kids when they discover their voice:)

Classroom Management Tips...

As we head into the 4th quarter, it becomes harder and harder to keep students focused and on task.  You have to be creative.  Here are some classroom management techniques you might find helpful.
  1. Set clearly defined standards
  2. Remind students of expectations periodically
  3. Use private signals for reminders
  4. Employ teacher proximity
  5. Include positive reinforcement and incentives
  6. Assign a safe visible place for "cooling down" if a student becomes frustrated
  7. Use signals for transitions in advance
  8. Develop a behavior contract/improvement plan
  9. Use calming down or relaxation techniques
  10. Monitor students closely during transitions

Have A Wonderful Week!

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  1. I would be interested in a copy of the writing article, Mrs. Cannon. Thanks! :)